As an athlete, carving out time for recovery is an essential aspect to my training and is what allows me to successfully complete expeditions in feats of endurance, including my most recent Run Britain.

Before Run Britain I had already run a total of 826 marathons, and having completed The Italian Grand Tour of 100 marathons in 100 days in December 2020, I had some training in running long distances continuously over a long period of time. This, combined with all my experience Running the World it’s safe to say I had some practise in honing my recovery routine. Icing, elevating, compressing and resting.

During my 5240 mile journey running the coastline of Britain, running two marathons a day, burning 8000 calories during my 12 hour days and experiencing an elevation gain on my route during the first week equivalent to that of mount Everest, I began to experience tremendous pain. Eventually I had to stop and after a trip to the hospital it was confirmed I had two stress fractures to my tibia, two nasty injuries to my achilles, a flipped meniscus, a pulled hamstring and various knee back and hip issues. 

I continued to apply all my recovery methods to get me through the injuries, and push through the pains in order to complete my expedition. When injuries bring you down and leave you feeling physically defeated, it’s more important than ever to keep a strong mindset and to stay positive.  

At some point in our lives, we will all encounter setbacks. This may take the form of physical injuries or emotionally and mentally challenging situations. Having a recovery mindset and taking care of ourselves consistently by making recovery part of our routine is something that can benefit us all long term. 

When we experience stress or injury in any form, in order for our minds and nervous systems to function optimally to repair and rebalance our bodies, simply having the capacity to breath and having strong respiratory muscles can increase our ability to overcome setbacks more quickly. 

Understanding the benefits of regularly training my respiratory muscles is one thing, but knowing what steps I needed to take to actually realise these benefits is another. Airofit is the tool through which I learnt how to train my respiratory muscles to access the advantages of better breathing. 

Breath can become your go-to exercise to help elevate your mood, increase your aerobic capacity, and help the body heal faster.

I feel that Airofit is helping me to be more conscious of my state of body and mind. I have never been so aware of the role of breathing as I am now. And I take this knowledge very seriously.

Airofit simultaneously focuses on performance through respiratory muscle strengthening whilst also allowing the user to relax and reduce stress. Strengthening muscles and mindfulness in one go resulting in optimal oxygen delivery to my body. Naturally a further positive is the improved sleep which comes with this, another very important part of recovering! 

In my experience, increasing my respiratory capacity through regular use of Airofit has put me in better stead to face challenging times where I have called for my body to recover quickly to get me back on track to complete my expedition.

Start your training today and Stay a Breath Ahead.

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