With Run Britain only a week away, I want to share with you all more information about The 196 Foundation, the reason why I’m doing this. 

The world doesn’t need more charities, it needs more ways to support them. I started The 196 Foundation because we are the lucky 1% born into a nation of fortune by chance, and who now has the responsibility to at least try to elevate lives that are less so. It’s easy with a little help from our friends – like you. 

Us humans always need help in varying forms. As individuals we have a duty to support mankind and give each other a leg up from time to time. Sadly the majority (90%) of the world are living in struggling circumstances and need more than just a leg up or some kind words.

Handing over money isn’t the answer; but creating something which can support communities and individuals longer term, through education and social infrastructure. A community hospital, a child care centre, training for nurses, or sometimes simply lending a hand. These are all ways which small acts of kindness from people like you, can help make a real difference.

The 196 Foundation hopes to reach these people. We don’t want to establish brand new, hugely labour intensive and bureaucratically difficult initiatives, but instead support the work of pre existing charities, non profits and small stand alone groups trying hard to do good.

Overall, this is my mission which I wish to achieve through the foundation, to provide aid to every corner of the world in small bite size chunks.

The 196 Foundation has a long term commitment to help ONE CAUSE PER YEAR covering any* cause that needs help. It could be a wheelchair for a neighbour or building a school in Uganda for example.

You donate £1.96p a month, with no contract and the ability to dump us at any time. Please don’t, we’ll be sad.

Our model is based on small donations from many kind people like you. £1.96 per month equates to £23.52 per year or just 6p per day. You can donate monthly at £1.96p per month, donate once to cover 12 months (£23.52) or even better you can immediately give your support for 3 years as a one off payment of £70.56.

Our unique voting process means you have a voice on where our donations go. Once a year for the month of August we ask you to vote on which project to help. We won’t always spend every penny you’ve donated; sometimes the need is only small. The remainder of your donations will sit in the pot ready for next year’s support effort. 

Just so you know: we never simply hand over cash, but instead work with organisations to help stretch every penny of your donation and help those that really need it.

​We also pride ourselves on really making the most of the money you donate;  every year we will release details of exactly where your money has been spent, including a full impact report on the cause we have supported.

*The 196 Foundation will support as many countries as is legally possible. Sadly some rules mean that countries that need the most help, won’t receive it. While the rules and regulations surrounding these countries remain as they are we can not provide any form of aid to them. NO funds collected now or in the future will be directly or indirectly a part of any project that relates to Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea or the Crimea region of Ukraine.​

We are registered as a Donor Advised Fund. We operate with help from GivingWorks. GivingWorks provides the umbrella support that effectively enables us to deliver streamlined support to multiple causes.

If you think we can do things better or you’d like to get involved with the team, please contact us.

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