The British Coast

200 Marathons

100 Days

If you follow me on instagram @nickbutterrun, then you’ll probably have already heard… I’ve got an exciting new adventure planned, and I want to share it with you all.

In a nutshell, I will be attempting to run 200 marathons, in 100 days, around the coast of Britain. Each day I will aim to cover 52.4 miles, over a period of 14 hours. That’s a total of 5,240 miles. This has never been done, by anyone, ever. But, to bring attention to some pretty exciting and worthwhile causes, it only makes sense to attempt to do things which just haven’t been done before.

So, why #RunBritain? 

One  of the most important questions anyone can ask themselves before embarking on anything is the humble ‘why’, so let’s talk about what is at the heart of this challenge, The 196  Foundation. Many people, small donations, big change. 

The 196 foundation is a registered non-profit (Donor Advised Fund) which aims to support pockets of need all over the world. The foundation asks for donations of £1.96 per month, this is then collected and used to support one cause per year. As a democratic donorship, every donor has the opportunity to vote on the cause that’s supported each year. The goal is to provide aid to every country in the world, in small bite size chunks. 

I’ll be running 52.4 miles per day for 100 days, in the hope that kind people will be inspired to donate 6p per day for a year to the 196 Foundation, via £1.96 monthly.  That’s a lot of miles for just  6p… sounds crazy, right? Maybe, but if we want to shake up the world around us, and can imagine it better, then thinking big can sometimes mean starting small, and just throwing ourselves into the cause. 

As fellow long distance runners might know all too well, having a strong ‘why’ locked down means you’re already part-way to the finish line, before you’ve even stepped out the door. This is because when your body is otherwise telling you to stop, reminding ourselves of what this is all about will help stifle any self-doubts of what we’re capable of, and ensure we give it all we’ve got.  

How am I going to #RunBritain?

I will run for 14 hours per day, to cover the 52.4 miles (a double marathon) every day for 100 days. My incredible team of 6 (including Poppy of course) will be supporting me on the ground across 3 campervans. So watch this space for some more very real #vanlife updates as we vagabond our way around the coastline. 3 photographers and videographers are part of this crew to help me capture the journey every day, and a short film will be produced following the completion of the challenge.


I will be starting and finishing at the Eden Project, and from there I will be heading anti-clockwise around the coast, running as close to the coast wherever possible, along marked footpaths and roads. The route is available at

Who with? You!

No really, you can actually join me! As the UK comes out of lockdown measures, you are all invited to join in and run with me. There will be a form available on the website so you can register your interest, meet up locations will be posted in advance. Each day has been mapped out on my route, because I want to get everyone involved. Each day my route will be uploaded to Strava too of course, Nick Butter Run.

The team and I are really excited to pass through all the different counties and sea-side communities, we would love for you to come and say hi as I run by! If you have any top tips for your coastal area, any ‘must see’ or ‘can’t miss’ attractions, or you can simply point me in the direction of a hot shower and safe place to park the vans, definitely let me know!

Can I track you?

I’ll be carrying a live tracker, so you can also virtually be there with me every step of the way.  This tracker will be live as of April 17th at 06:00 on my website. 

Are you Ready? 

All that’s left to do now is make sure everyone else is ready for this adventure by following me and my community ahead of the start-line, to do this now, see the links below;

Run Britain Route:

Instagrams: @nickbutterrun @the196foundation @freeyourfootprint

Stravas: Nick Butter Run Free Your Footprint


Book: Running the World