Week 7, 2021 – 12th -19th February

Since we entered this new era of masks, hand sanitiser, and social distancing, we have all learnt to adapt better than I think we all take credit for. One day we had total freedom, and the next, it’s gone. All for the right reasons of course, but still, it’s been a weird time for us all.

Nikki and I spent a few hours this week reminiscing on what we miss about our pre pandemic lives and also what we’ve gained.

For me, planes were like buses. The world was tiny. Everything was just a short flight away. I’ve gone from travelling to every country, to now avoiding my own country – waiting it out.

This is a message of perspective, and of thanks for what we had, and for what we still have.

I miss the generic and the personal,
I miss hugs, the chatter of bustling restaurants and bars,
I miss handshakes with new friends, my mums roast dinners, and evenings with family around the fire.
I miss peoples faces, their expressions, the shared connections of occupying the same space – like on the tube or a train.
I miss the hum of a plane, the bing of the seat belt sign on a long haul.
I miss the collective sound of the seat belts clicking open simultaneously as passengers rush to get off after a flight.
I miss running with new people, hearing their stories
I miss speaking with schools, and being asked funny questions,
I miss not being aware if someone is within 2 meters.
I miss journeys, I miss freedom, I miss the far away world I got to know so well.

It’s been 15 months since Covid-19 started spreading around the world, and yet it’s easy to only think about what we miss and what we want back, rather than what we’ve gained.

I’ve gained a slower pace of life, and had a time to reflect.
I’ve had time with Nikki and Poppy that I would otherwise missed,
I’ve been reminded of the simple things – like having a lie in in the middle of week
I’ve learnt that connection to our fellow humans is more enriching than any of us truly realised.
I’ve learnt we all, secretly or otherwise, crave togetherness even if we didn’t really know we enjoyed it.
I now know more than ever, that the privilege to travel and explore, is exactly that – A huge privilege that we all too easily take for granted.

We’ve all been reminded that the world and its people are so very fragile and we must work as one to keep the balance.

One day we will have covid behind us, and we’ll all be telling tales of what we did, and where we were, and how hard it was. One day soon, I fear, we will have slipped back into our usual lives and forgotten everything that covid has taught us. We have a chance to re think the way we approach the world post covid. Let’s not just go back to how we were. Let’s be better, more together, and more united.