Week 6, 2021 5th – 12th February

To be Grateful.

This X-Ray is Nikki’s left forearm. She slipped on some steps yesterday and broke the bone clean through. In less than 8 hours she was taken to hospital, been seen by doctors, had surgery to pin the broken bone, and walked out with our insurance covering everything.

We take so much for granted. We all assume that tomorrow will come, that our grand plans will be lived, and that are limbs will work day after day. I’ve become rather philosophical about this side of life since my Running The World expedition… it changed my perspective on absolutely everything. There’s more on Nikki’s arm in tomorrows post.

My dad would always say ‘you don’t know how lucky you are’… and i knew what he meant in the broad sense… but it was often said when i was having a paddy about something insignificant or acting like a spoilt brat and so the meaning was lost on me in the moment (I was a stroppy teenager).

What I now realise is that dad of course was hinting at not just my privileged upbringing, but more importantly the bigger picture. Both mum and dad were well travelled – and so they knew the world in a way i have now seen and felt first hand.

To turn on a tap and have clean running water. To appear at a hospital and be treated without a thought. To wake up every day without any disability. To open the fridge and eat what I want, when I want… I am so so grateful!

There are …

  • 790 million people around the world that do not have access to clean water
  • 400 million people around the world that have their lives changed forever because they don’t have access to free medical care. This often affects multiple generations of a family
  • 1 billion people around the world who live with a disability
  • 820 million people around the world who are malnourished.

My point here – is that we are all guilty of taking many things for granted. Nikki breaking her arm has brought that back into focus for us again and this year through our various running adventurers we will do our best to make an impact on some of these stats. Small steps lead to bigger change.

I am learning to be grateful for everything I have. Are you grateful?

What caused Nikki to slip on the steps?

What caused Nikki to slip on the steps? This is the frustrating story of the chain of events that took Nikki to hospital. Working backwards from her slip on the steps – My personal answer is to blame it all on parcel force.

During our igloo build several weeks ago (which is still standing I may add) I propped my phone up in the back of the igloo to film some time-lapse shots of the process. It worked well, until my phone wouldn’t turn back on. Assuming the cold temperatures had played havoc with the battery I warmed the phone up and went through the usual magical wizardry to try and fix my poorly phone. It didn’t work.

I’m very aware a phone is not important, but having had a broken phone in Italy, (read the article here), and knowing how much trouble it caused, I was keen to make sure my phone was fixed as soon as possible. My work is running, but it’s easy to forget that so much of my time is spent planning, prepping and plotting for various challenges. My phone and my laptop are a must.

Having decided my phone was not long for this world, and fearing I would lose the 60,000 photos and 10,000 videos – I scrambled to find a repair shop. There was one just an hour away and it was open (unlike, well, pretty much anything at the moment). We geared up to drive down the mountain, Nikki came with, or at least she was supposed to. She slipped on the second step just outside the door. Do we blame my stubbornness to get my phone fixed? Possibly – after all she wouldn’t have been on the steps and therefore may not have slipped if my phone hadn’t broken. Perhaps we blame me and the igloo for causing the damage. Or maybe apple. No, I blame parcel force. Having ordered a new phone months ago, my folks had kindly arranged to send it out to me. They did, but thanks to the awful postal service in the UK, it spent 2 weeks visiting various depot’s in the midlands. My poor phone. That’s no place for … anything.

I conclude, that it wasn’t my fault Nikki broke her arm, and I deny all suggestions that I was convinced it wasn’t broken (I was adamant it was just a bruise – oops). Had parcel force sent my phone out on the very expensive next day delivery that was paid for as promised – I would have had a working phone, and likely wouldn’t have had the need to urgently repair it.

Or perhaps it was Brexit. Had we not left the EU, maybe my parcel wouldn’t have had to endure the midlands for so long. It quite possibly could have arrived on time – and therefore no slip. Or… maybe we can just blame Nikki, because she’s clumsy. Probably shouldn’t do that…

Either way, and whoever is at fault – the only thing that matters is that I now have a fixed phone… I mean – Nikki’s arm is now on the mend… yes that’s what matters… and my phone is fixed.

In all seriousness – try to remember what’s important in the world. We are all guilty of forgetting the wonders we have around us. Be that a beautiful mountain or a beach, or perhaps just a hug, or a smile. Who we have around us, is so much more important that what we have around us. No doubt I’ll always catch myself worrying about the things that don’t actually matter – that’s just being human. I have however had a little reminder of the preciousness of who rather than what.