WEEK 2 – 2021
(8th to 15th Jan 2021)

I’m sure most people make a few new years resolutions each year; personally I’m one for writing them down on paper with an actual pen, and then ticking them off as I go. Recently I’ve found a few of these old pieces of paper from previous years. It’s so nice to find an old tatty piece of folded paper, to then open it up expecting nothing but a random shopping list or some scribled numbers, to then notice it’s a whole host of goals i’d set myself and then worked to achieve. I am very very particular about what I write down. If it’s on the list, it MUST MUST be completed. The concept of underpromising and overdelivering is something that rings true with my various goals list.

For 2021 my list was as follows:

  • Run 50 marathons
  • Run at least 5000 miles
  • Complete at least 1 North to South challenge
  • Continue my daily diary
  • Print at least 1000 photos from the year to include in my annual scrapbook
  • Deliver the Running The World speaking tour
  • Publish Running The World book
  • Begin working with environmental non profits
  • Increase the team working on 2023 expedition
  • Become a dog dad
  • No McDonalds all year

Along with some boring other goals I managed to achieve all my goals which i’m rather chuffed with – but as terrible as it is to admit the last goal was the hardest to stick to. McDonalds i miss you.

So in total in 2020 I actually ran 136 marathons, and clocked up 5079 miles in total. My all time marathon count now sits at 828. Only 182 till I hit the magic 1000 mark. Any suggestions of what i should do for number 1000?

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to post all my 2021’s goals so you can all see what I’m attempting.

Oh and I can’t forget to thank Bremont for my little Christmas gift. Amazingly I feature on their Christmas puzzle along with a number of their other ambassadors. I think they got my man bun spot on.


And here’s one of their watched that I’m rather fond of. I wear the ALTI-P2 in blue at the moment.


Let’s talk about Balance.

Getting the balance right. This is something I’m working on.

A message to all those who live a hectic lifestyle.

I love to be busy, immerse myself in everything i’m passionate about; but sometimes it’s good to step back and remember the bigger picture from time to time. Importantly though, it’s not just about being more present but it’s also about who you’re present with. I’m learning more and more, that travel, achievments and running are all of course brilliant, but it’s the people that surround you that have so much impact on any given moment. Surround yourself with brilliant, hard working gems of human beings and the world will smile with you.

This month, and becuase we are now avoiding returning to the UK due to the lockdown, we’re in the mountains in the french alps. Snow, sunshine and keeping ourselves to oursleves trying to stay clear of other humans. It turns out that while the planning for future trips takes shape, and the brilliant people around me work hard to make more adventure happen – I’ve become more and more aware of the simple things like having a cuppa tea in the morning, and not going out immediatly out for a run in a rush with the cup left unfinished. Or perhaps a long lie in, and days where I have nothing on my to do list. I must admit this is not easy for me. I love to be busy, and i feel terribly guilty if i’m not working or at least made some progress in the day.

This year I have 4 hefty expeditions, we’re re-launching the 196 foundation, continuing work with Free Your Footprint, we’re working with more partners, and we have started the mammoth mission to prepare for a huge challenge in 2023.

With all that in mind – the top of my list this year is to ensure that my energy is shared wisely. Nikki and Poppy especially all deserve a little more of my time. Don’t get me wrong I’ll still be running around like a madman but with a little more consideration for them. It’s very easy to be selfish and headstrong in my line of work – and it’s needed too – but a balance is what 2021 will be.

What are your goals for 2021? Make a list!


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