June was another epic month on all fronts really.

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#Norway #Marathon

150 Miles into the month I popped over the Norway. I had never run in the arctic circle or even been to the arctic circle for that matter… but a little town called Tromso right in the deepest north of Norway was the most Beautiful place for a marathon.



I went to Norway with Mike and Scrappy, also endurance nut heads. Tromso was host to my 295th Marathon, and boy was it a good one. It immediately went into the top 10 of my all time favourite marathons.



I didn’t win, or run a particularly quick time, but I really enjoyed the race and my body was kind enough to not put me in too much pain. I finished the race in 71st position with a time of 3 hours 18 minutes. Something like that. The race was along Tromso’s coast line. It being an island it doesn’t have much choice.


I saw the most crisp and artificial like rainbow. It was like it was drawn on. It was cold, only around 5 degrees tops, and the race started at 8 in the evening, and the best bit, it never got dark. Being Norwegian summer, although still very cold, it was daylight. Like, so daylight, not even slightly darker. Which meant remembering to go to bed quite interesting. Needless to say after 5 days running and exploring this amazing country, we where exhausted.



First up for June, in my 418 mile month was Endure 24. If you’re reading this and you either love running or Glastonbury, then you should give Endure 24.

IMG_3293IMG_3197 (1)

A 24 hour event where thousands of people run round and round in circles for a day. Teams, Pairs or like me Solo. I was going for the win this year but wasn’t fully committed.

IMG_3216IMG_3202 (1)IMG_3338DCIM100MEDIADJI_0063.JPG

I ran Solo but with the wider team through sponsors Pro Direct Running. They won both the pairs and the team event. hugely successful day.

IMG_2927IMG_2891DCIM100MEDIADJI_0062.JPGIMG_3218 (1)

I did a gentle 70 miles in about 16 hours and then enjoyed the rest of the event.


Even I need some time to relax, so I combined a London trip where I was meeting people, planning for next year with an afternoon and evening with some mates. I even found the most Shoreditch looking toilets in London.


#Run With The Sun

I was then driving down to Devon to take part in a solo promotional day with Pro Direct Running. Pro Direct and Do Running have been a long standing supporter of me and this challenge was about exploring the planet and just enjoying the love of running.

They set me the challenge to run from sunrise to sunset. Here’s how the day went down. What an incredible day. It was the longest day of the year and happened to be the hottest day for 100 years. It was 33 degrees and I was running from 05:12am in one of the highest places in the country. Dartmoor.


The route, which they designed, took me from Devon, where Pro Direct are based, through the countryside and on to the north coast of Cornwall. 71 miles later I finished at sunset. It was 16 hours later at 9pm.


#Planning to #RuntheWorld

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know i’m setting a few world records next year. I’m running a marathon in every country in the world. It’s all to raise £250,000 for prostate Cancer in memory of my friend Kevin. Here’s the details:


#TrueStart #True #Start #Coffee

So I can’t finish this post without thanking True Start Coffee. A local brand called True Start has provided some athlete ready coffee. The science behind the brand is spot on and makes complete sense. I met the founder and had a chat… If you’re a runner and love coffee… you should check them out. Nice people, great product, and what a brand image. Please come along to the launch event in Summer 30th September. True Start will most likely be there.


#TouchNote #Touch #Note

A huge thank you to the epic guys at Touch Note. Touch Note, if you don’t already know, is a great company based in London that developed an app for sending post cards from your phone. There are plenty of companies that offer postcards, but these guys actually really know what they’re doing. A super simple front end.. and the best part, i’ve been using them for years, and i’ve never had a single issue… and now… they are an official sponsor of the journey. Thanks guys. I will be using their postcards to send images and notes of thanks to schools and school kids all over the world. My plan is to visit schools on my 18 month journey, meet and chat about my trip, and then catch up with them in months to come. These postcards will be the perfect thank you note. Oh and i’ll also be able to send a postcard from every country in the world. That is pretty cool


So If you’re interested in my trip please get involved and send me an email at nick@nickbutter.co.uk.

If you’re a company wanting in on the action… it’s the same email… obviously. Or you can try my PA Ali at runningtheworld196@nickbutter.com

Here are some more details about my journey. It’s only 170 days to go… agggghhh. Exciting.

What is running the world 196

Running the world 196 is my Global 18 month expedition to run a marathon in every country in the world. I’m doing this because my friend Kevin is sadly dying. He has terminal prostate cancer and was diagnosed back in 2014. Several years later he’s still alive today, but not that well. My mission is to spend 18 months meeting amazing people all over the world, inspiring children, raising awareness of prostate cancer, and hopefully reaching my goal of raising £250,000 for prostate cancer charities.

How can you get involved

You can register to support me at www.nickbutter.com/itinerary.

On this page, you can register to run with me in your local village town or city anywhere in the world. Simply look at the full itinerary list and see if you’re around when I’m coming to your country. Or if you’re like my friends and family and just want a holiday, then come and find me one of the countries.

#Launch #event

The official running the world 196 launch event is to take place on 30 September 2017. If you like hearing about is great expeditions, eating great food, and being around some amazing people, please sign up online. Tickets cost £85 per person, you get a three course dinner, there will be an auction, live music, and wine on arrival. There are also be some pretty incredible special guests.

Launch Event Poster

I need a bed for the night

If you like the sound of this trip I want to support the cause I’m calling out for people to put me up tonight. I need a place to stay in each country that I visit. If you willing to give me a bed for the night in your country please email me at nick@nickbutter.co.uk or register online.

As part of this journey I’ll be creating a documentary, producing a large format photo book, and also writing a book and publishing it on my return.

My aim in life is to never sit back and enjoy that comfort the same feeling. I hope this 18 months will raise the £250,000. With your help, we can.

Donate Please

If you can spare any change at all please donate at www.gofundme.com/runningtheworld. Thank you.


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