402 mile this month. Woop. Still getting in the miles.

First of all I want to start this post by saying thanks to Life Style Systems for donating a bunch of great travel kit for ‘Running The World 196’.


And here’s another classic trainer shot from my time with the Asics team.


Read more about my charity expedition here or scroll down to find out more


5 stages of


#Running To Paris

April was another hectic month. Races all over Europe plus I ran to Paris. People cycle it, and I’m not a cyclist, I’m a runner. So I ran from Marble arch to the Arc de Triophe. My next post you’ll be able to read all about it and see the video.



For now let’s recap on April.


I found out last month that i was accepted as an Asics Athlete. The Asics Front Runners are a bunch of athletes all over the world. The UK group met in Manchester to run the Marathon. Oh and we did a little indoor sky diving while we were there. Why wouldn’t we, rude not to right. Thanks Asics.

So Here’s what the race looked like… but the real event was the overall weekend of meeting great people. I’m looking forward to the summer event now. This is me and Jon. Awesome runner and overall athlete that beats me hands down.


Don’t usually get blisters in marathons but I did that day


VIP at Manchester marathon. Good chocolate cake.


Little photo shoot for the team.



Other than having a great weekend and meeting some of the nicest, incredible fast marathon runners, I was lucky enough to meet the legend that is Ron Hill. Even my hot chocolate that morning had a smile. What a brilliant weekend.


OH and these girls are some of the most incredible athletes


#BeatIT #KidsCamp and Cranborne Middle School.

I was once again lucky. Lucky to be invited to speak at a brilliant school. My old school actually. Plus I had a day speaking with a camp for kids in the half term holidays. Thanks to everyone that helped to organise this. Speaking in schools and to children is the best way to spend a day. I hope that my messages helped to inspire them and move them to change their life. To get out from behind a screen and enjoy the planet we live in. Did you know that the average British person spends 90% of their life in doors. Sad isn’t it. So that’s my mini rant over. If you are connected to a school and want me to come and talk. Get in touch. 07754328355



#Paris Marathon

Paris Marathon. This was a great race and I managed to run a 03:04 despite very tired legs. Plus i met up with another Asics Front Runner and mooched around the expo. A brilliant trip. Thanks Marcus. I’ll let the photos do the talking.



Here’s what the race prep looked like. It consisted of all the essentials, with a few extras. I met the guy that owns and runs Mule  Bar. I tried the product during the race. They create natural gels from honey etc. Such a great taste and in a reusable tube. Love it.



#Isle of White Ultra

So after an expensive ferry to get to the Isle of White and a windy tent set up plus a rough night sleep I woke and was exhausted before the race started. 100km and 13 hours later i completed my 35th Ultra and my 289th Marathon. (think that’s the number) Here’s some photos of the day (and night)


The start line the day before the race at about 10pm.IMG_0579

Setting up camp in the wind and dark. It was well cosy afterwards.


Getting on the very expensive ferry from mainland to the island. Over 200 for a return ticket.


I think thats about it, other than lots of time in airports and fixing my watch strap on my garmin. For info replacing the strap on a Garmin Fenix is surprisingly simple.


Recap Time

What’s Running the World 196?

I’m running a marathon in every country in the world. My aim is to raise £250,000 for Prostate Cancer UK. It will take me 18 months to travel to all 196 countries, spending about 2.5 days per country. There will be war zones, the heat of the Sahara and the extreme cold of Antartica. I will live simply, camping and sleeping in peoples homes.

IMG_8843Running The World Poster 26th June 20172Can you accommodate me?

If you live on earth and are free when i’m coming to your country you may be able to help. Please don’t be shy. If you’re interested in putting me for the night you can share stories about your country culture, attractions and best of all you can even run with me if you like.

Virtual Challenge

As part of the journey and to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK, please sign up to my virtual challenge. A nice new medal too.


About the challenge

In 2018, I will be running a marathon in every country. That’s 196 marathons in 196 countries. It’s going to take 550 days and result in (hopefully) around eight various world records. This has never been done before.

Why am I doing this you ask?

To try and raise £250,000 & awareness for the fantastic work that Prostate Cancer UK do. If you want to find out a little more about why I’m doing this crazy challenge, check out my website www.nickbutter.com

To reach help reach this target, we are hosting the amazing ‘Running The World 196 Virtual Challenge’!

What is it?
The Running The World 196 Virtual Challenge is your chance to get involved and show your support for all who those who have been touched by this horrific disease. We are challenging you to run 196 miles (1 for every country) over the course of the 550 days that I am doing the challenge.

How do I take part?
It’s easy, you can show your support anytime, anywhere!  Take part from anywhere in the world and log miles to support the challenge. Simply register on this page and pay a donation fee of £25 (all of which minus administration fees will go to support both Prostate Cancer UK and the challenge itself). You’ll get an awesome medal for taking part as well as a certificate of thanks.

What if 196 is too many/not enough miles for a years worth of running?
Whether you’re an expert or novice runner, that’s no problem, anyone can take part! As well as an individual goal of 196 miles, we are also challenging the community to try and collectively run a global 196,000 miles. Even if you can only do a mile a week, every single one counts and helps us towards our goal of raising £250k for Prostate Cancer UK!

If you’re somewhat of an experienced runner and 196 miles over a year is a walk in the park, battle it out for the top spot on the leader board and stake your claim for the top virtual runner!

What do I get for taking part?
First and foremost, just by entering, you are donating to Prostate Cancer UK and supporting a fantastic cause & charity. We thank all our entrants by sending them an official ‘Running The World 196’ medal and certificate which will be sent out shortly after joining.

Anything else I can do to help?
There sure is! Anytime you post a run on here and share it across social media, you’re raising awareness for the challenge & Prostate Cancer. We want you to make your runs as social as possible, so use the official hashtag #RunningTheWorld and tag me in your posts, share your running photos and messages on Twitter and Facebook & let us know how you get on! You’ll always hear back from me to say thanks!

So what are you waiting for? Jump in, lets get running and collectively, help make this world free of Prostate Cancer!

Find out more information about the Running The World Challenge on my website.

Please share the challenge far and wide and let’s get running.

If you would like to support my challenge by a simple donation please donate via GoFundMe

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 07.50.18

Run With Me

Before i leave, hopefully well before i leave, i’ll be posting a list of all the cities and airports i’ll be landing in. If you are in the right place at the right time and want to run with me, or even make a special trip to come and see and support me please let me know.

How to contact Me

Drop me an email to nick@nickbutter.co.uk or phone me on 07754 328 355 or have a look online at the website at http://www.nickbutter.com

Why raise for Prostate Cancer UK

I met a guy called Kevin. That’s the simple answer. The longer answer involves the Sahara Desert and 7 sweaty days. It’s not as strange as it sounds. We ran a race called the Marathon des Sables together. 7 marathons in 6 days across the hottest landscape on earth. He and i got to know each other. He later told me that he had terminal prostate cancer. He will die too young and too soon. He is a truly amazing man, his attitude towards life is full on, positive and blows me away. I am trying to raise £250,000 for Prostate Cancer so more people are aware.

How to follow me?

You can see where i am online. I am carrying a gps tracker with me for the whole trip. You’ll be able to see where i am all the time. Every marathon i run will be posted online through my website. I’ll be posting twitter comments videos and photos throughout the trip. My twitter nam is @runatthefront and my Instgram name is @manofsport.

Go to www.nickbutter.com