So March was another busy month. In fact let’s just assume that every day for the next few years is going to be busy for me.

My favourite par of March was this. The Do Running Photo Shoot with Pro Direct. Great people ad great gear. These guys are supporting me on my trip next year. If you want to get involved just drop me an email. Or, rather old fashioned I know, just call me.

Running The World Planning is taking over my life! But I LOVE IT.

No need to mention the amount of planning and logistics that go into booking an 18 month trip to every country in the world really… so needless I have to utilise every minute of my time from now until i leave on my expedition on 6th Jan 2018. Spending time booking flights, organising visas, and finding sponsors while I’m in the airport on the way to Paris was one way to make the most of my time. Every day that goes by I have more and more things to do. It’s fun actually. A little stressful. Sometime in the future i’ll need to find some help. Proper help, not just friends and family.

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#Paris #Half #Marathon

Up next on the Agenda for March was the Paris Half Marathon. It was wet but great. Plus   I spent it with a good friend. Thevy and I met when i was racing in the Marathon des Sables race in the desert. She looked after me and my feet when i broke my ankle in the last 40 miles of the race. I finished on crutches… slowly, very slowly. Since then we stayed in touch and I went to stay with her while we ran the half. Once again a great example of how running is not just an individual sport. The crew, the medics, and all the other friendly runners.

Oh and my pre flight food of choice is Wagas. Love it.



You’ll see from the photos it wasn’t quite as glamorous as the usual summertime Paris visit. Heavy rain started as i got off the plane and continued until i was back home. I even ran the race in a full waterproof and a poncho.

#Networking and #Speaking #Events

So something which I’ve ramped up lately is the amount of talking i’m doing. Not just talking, although i do like to talk. I’ve been privileged enough to visit countries and various companies around the country talking about my running experience and above all my attitude to life and sport. I speak on three topics. Time, Courage and Failure. Areas that are really i’m really passionate about. Making the most of life, using the time we have, embracing and learning from failure, and having courage to do what make us the best version of ourselves. If you want to hear me speak please contact lemoncake. lemoncake look after my speaking engagements.


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Just in case you missed what Running The World is all about here’s a little overview.

Running The World 196 is the name of my next big challenge January 6th 2018 I leave the UK on an 18 month expedition to set the world record for running a marathon in every country in the world. That’s 196 marathons, 1 marathon in each of the 196 countries. Why? Because my friend is dying Meet my mate Kev. I met him last year in the Sahara Dessert running the infamous Marathon des Sables race. He and I spent a week in the gruelling heat of the sun.

Our conversations that week changed my outlook on life forever. He was so positive about life and passionate about living it was remarkable. In 2014 Kevin was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer and he was given 2 years to live. A father and husband, this brilliant man has already beaten the odds and is still alive, but sadly, he will have his life cut short at the hands of prostate cancer. This trip is for him. My aim is to raise awareness and £250,000 for the charity Prostate Cancer UK. This charity supports men all over the UK who are living with Prostate Cancer. The biggest killer of men in the UK, and the saddest thing? It can be prevented. If you’re a man, and over 40, get your prostate checked. It could save your life. Don’t make excuses, don’t be embarrassed, just do it.


I’ve also had the chance to be on BBC Breakfast, Radio, BBC Radio 1, and been featured in multiple magazines. I’m still looking for ways to promote the trip in order to raise as much money as possible for the charity Prostate Cancer UK.


#24Hour #Training #Sessions

I love to run long. So this month i introduced some more regular 24 hour sessions. With help from Claire, Jane and Paul in Bristol I run 2.5 miles up hill along the Gloucester road, and back again for 24 hours. Occasional breaks for food, drink and the obvious toilet breaks. I do this as regularly as i can. Did i mention i don’t have that much time.

The video will be live on You Tube soon.


#DoRunning #PhotoShoot.

Thanks to ‘do running’ for a great promotional photo shoot and video in Exmoor. Here’s a little snippet of the day.

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Calling all SAT Phone companies. Basically I need some help finding a Satellite phone for free. The trip is costing far too much money and I’d like a sat phone companies to support the trip and donate a device. Get in contact if you know anyone that could help. I’ll be visiting some dangerous places and i want to at least be able to contact family and friends from anywhere in the world.

Please continue to sponsor me, support the journey and share the trip.

You can follow me on Instagram @manofsport or Twitter @runatthefront or facebook @RunningTheWorld2018