Before I write any more on this post… I just want to share this sign i found in Poland. It’s fantastic. Coffee lovers out there!


So it was time to get my ink well out, dust off my parchment and put hand to keyboard.

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Besides from the writing, this month has been pretty full on with some actual running; all most by accident actually. Training has become more and more embedded over the past few years and this month was a great example.



#RunningTheWorld Update

Since I announced that I will be setting a world record for running a marathon in every country in the world next year, my work load and stress levels have shot up. I’m really enjoying the process though, interviews with various TV, print and radio media, and photo shoots for various brands. The endless nights of sorting out visas, and constructing a decent flight itinerary that doesn’t leave me too knackered is also proving virtually impossible. Juggling life, work, running and planning has become tougher than every. Running marathons back to back for 18 months is going to be a doddle compared to this planning malarkey.



#Krakow – Poland

It was time to get away and rest for a few days. Krakow was calling. I’d never been to Poland… I have now. Loved it.


Auschwitz was naturally harrowing and incredibly moving. A day trip was more than enough.

Exploring Poland was much less harrowing. A nice jazz bar, decent food and an amazing walking tour. It was cold, super cold but such a lovely few days. Here are some photos.


#Training in #Bristol 

After some time in chilly Poland I continued training and clocked up plenty of miles in and around Bristol. I spent plenty of time grinding it out in cold weather gear with mates. Thanks guys. Loved the training in Feb.


Thanks to Adidas and Pro Direct Running for continuing to supply me with these fantastic trainers.

Ultra Boosts are the best trainers around. Check Them Out Here:


Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 11.22.23

Bristol is amazing! Found the Graffiti in a public toilet. Made me smile.


My #Book #UltraMarathonDiaries

These were a test run for me if I’m honest. A way to understand the publishing world a little more and get my stories out there in a different form. These two kindle books are short extracts from the past year or so. Marathon Diaries aims to tell the journey of my love for running with the view to inspire others. I’m not trying to profit but instead simply get it out there.

I was surprised at the great comments and feedback after just a few days of being on sale. I mentioned this was a test run. For me my 2018 ‘Running The world 196’ journey is all about promoting the charity Prostate Cancer UK and raising money and awareness for them. But, when i return i’ll have some incredible stories to tell so i can’t wait to spend 6 months, running gently, and relaxing writing my books of my experience.

If you’re interested in reading these books please go to:

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3PIAPC ‘3 Peeps In A Podcast’

I did an interview outlining my expedition with these guys. A brilliant podcast. You can check it out here…



Prostate Cancer UK and I spend some time together talking about the trip next year… If you want to get involved please take a look at


What’s Running the World 196?

I’m running a marathon in every country in the world. My aim is to raise £250,000 for Prostate Cancer UK. It will take me 18 months to travel to all 196 countries, spending about 2.5 days per country. There will be war zones, the heat of the Sahara and the extreme cold of Antartica. I will live simply, camping and sleeping in peoples homes.

5 stages ofRunning The World Poster 26th June 20172
Can you accommodate me?

If you live on earth and are free when i’m coming to your country you may be able to help. Please don’t be shy. If you’re interested in putting me for the night you can share stories about your country culture, attractions and best of all you can even run with me if you like.

Run With Me

Before i leave, hopefully well before i leave, i’ll be posting a list of all the cities and airports i’ll be landing in. If you are in the right place at the right time and want to run with me, or even make a special trip to come and see and support me please let me know.

How to contact Me

Drop me an email to or phone me on 07754 328 355 or have a look online at the website at

Why raise for Prostate Cancer UK

I met a guy called Kevin. That’s the simple answer. The longer answer involves the Sahara Desert and 7 sweaty days. It’s not as strange as it sounds. We ran a race called the Marathon des Sables together. 7 marathons in 6 days across the hottest landscape on earth. He and i got to know each other. He later told me that he had terminal prostate cancer. He will die too young and too soon. He is a truly amazing man, his attitude towards life is full on, positive and blows me away. I am trying to raise £250,000 for Prostate Cancer so more people are aware.

How to follow me?

You can see where i am online. I am carrying a gps tracker with me for the whole trip. You’ll be able to see where i am all the time. Every marathon i run will be posted online through my website. I’ll be posting twitter comments videos and photos throughout the trip. My twitter nam is @runatthefront and my Instgram name is @manofsport.


Go to Thank You.