196 Marathons | 196 Countries | 550 Days and 1 WORLD RECORD

This is what 2018 is all about – PLEASE DONATE


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Sponsor Nick… Please?

Thank you for considering to sponsor me. Everything i am raising money for at the moment is all centred around my 2018 world record trip. Running the world.

What’s Running the World?

I’m running a marathon in every country in the world. My aim is to raise £250,000 for Prostate Cancer UK. It will take me 18 months to travel to all 196 countries, spending about 2.5 days per country. There will be war zones, the heat of the Sahara and the extreme cold of Antartica. I will live simply, camping and sleeping in peoples homes.

Can you accommodate me?

If you live on earth and are free when i’m coming to your country you may be able to help. Please don’t be shy. If you’re interested in putting me for the night you can share stories about your country culture, attractions and best of all you can even run with me if you like.

Run With Nick

Before i leave, hopefully well before i leave, i’ll be posting a list of all the cities and airports i’ll be landing in. If you are in the right place at the right time and want to run with me, or even make a special trip to come and see and support me please let me know.

How to contact Nick

Drop me an email to nick@nickbutter.co.uk or phone me on 07754 328 355 or have a look online at the website at www.nickbutter.com

Why is Nick raising money for Prostate Cancer

I met a guy called Kevin. That’s the simple answer. The longer answer involves the Sahara Desert and 7 sweaty days. It’s not as strange as it sounds. We ran a race called the Marathon des Sables together. 7 marathons in 6 days across the hottest landscape on earth. He and i got to know each other. He later told me that he had terminal prostate cancer. He will die too young and too soon. He is a truly amazing man, his attitude towards life is full on, positive and blows me away. I am trying to raise £250,000 for Prostate Cancer so more people are aware.

How to follow Nick?

You can see where i am online. I am carrying a gps tracker with me for the whole trip. You’ll be able to see where i am all the time. Every marathon i run will be posted online through my website. I’ll be posting twitter comments videos and photos throughout the trip. My twitter nam is @runatthefront and my instgram name is @manofsport.

Go to www.nickbutter.com