It’s about time that I sat down and wrote my updates for the first half of this year. Since deciding to jump into this crazy mission to run a marathon in every country in the world next year, life has been somewhat manic. My usual day to day of training, travelling and generally working towards my challenges just went up a notch or two.


So here’s what my January was like.

First of all it all started in Canada. New Years day I was driving 6 beautiful huskies around a frozen lake in Banff. What a way to start the year. It got better too.


#Goal Setting
The long flight home gave me enough time (a lot of time) to reflect on the year and what I wanted to achieve. I am a firm believer in goal setting; it somehow works as a good line in the sand to prep me for the year ahead.


#Nutrition: One of my January goals was to understand nutrition more than i already did. Being a runner and having learnt about nutrition I have a good grasp of the basics. This year though it was more about putting my body to the test. Running little experiments. before race day, during the races and after. Just to see if I was really getting the most out of the food i was eating. My friends and family will tell you that I eat for fuel so this year I might even try to eat for pleasure too. Strange right. Maybe not.


#RunningTheWorld196 Update
In case you’re not aware of my epic plans next year to support Prostate Cancer UK in a big way; check out the details here. My 2018 Adventure starts January 6th 2018. It’s called Running The World 196. Don’t forget to hashtag. Please share.

5 stages of

The whirl wind of 2017 was well underway after only 4 days of being back in the country I flew to the alps to spend some time skiing, climbing and training at altitude. It was a good chance to spend some time with my brother too.

#French Alps #Skiing


#Climbing in the Alps

The climbing – It was a rather snowless few days in the mountains. Obviously at higher altitude there was more snow but to be honest it was the worst I had ever seen it. I ski in Les 3 Vallees in France; in particular a small village on the east called St Martin de Bellville. From this village I frequently ski over the highest skiable point in the alps, and then back again, covering about 70km of skiing in the process. But the lack of snow made this somewhat less enjoyable.


Rather than get my ski boots on for another day or snow and mud skiing I thought I’d make the most of the conditions and climb a nearby mountain that I’ve wanted to climb for years but never got round to. This was my chance.

6:30am alarm number one goes off, snooze and then 7:00am alarm… I’m up. I wanted to reach the top just as the sun had broken the horizon. What a great reason to get my arse out of bed and see the mountain with no one around in beautiful sunrise.


As you can see from the photos, this didn’t exactly go to plan, the sun did rise, obviously, it’s the sun; that’s what it does. It just didn’t seem like that. The fog and the low cloud and then the snow put and end to my great sunrise shots. The climb though was great. About 8 miles from the hotel to the top and back again and only took me about 5 hours. The ice rivers, the frozen huge boulders and scrambling through all sorts of terrain, I was like a pig in poop.

The highlight, which sadly wasn’t photoed was a huge stag on the summit, looking down on me as I was about 50 meters from the top. I tried to reach for my camera slowly but no such luck, this paparazzi aware animal was having non of it. ‘Oh dear’. Sometimes I’m just so funny I make myself laugh.

Going #Organic

Returning home to the UK I got stuck into some decent hill training, and continued my various food experiments such as trying organic only for a while. It hurt my wallet but seem to have little affect on me. I’ll stick to processed sugars every now and then. I will say one thing though I’ve discovered some great ultra running snack that are super light weight but hugely nutritious and high in carbohydrates, and they are obviously organic. Try these.


#Wanderlust #Article

I seemed to cram a lot into January. When I wasn’t running or planning for next year, or on a plane; I was getting super busy writing articles for magazines to try and promote Running The World next year. You can check out the latest article in Wanderlust Magazine here… I’m enjoying the writing at the moment, and specifically looking forward to writing my blog while I’m away running the world. The amazing, people and places will be a huge eye opener I’m sure.


#Bath #Muddy 10 Miles

Back to racing now and a nice easy 10 miler in bath… or so I thought. What with it being January and wet and cold, it made for an interesting race. Good hill training of a 2 lap course. My brand new Salomon Cross Trail trainers weren’t quite the same after the race. Sorry trainers.


#Club #Night

What with all the planning I’ve not always been able to get to club nights, but I did manage to squeeze a few Tuesday evening sessions in. Still such a great turnout even in the cold. The sunsets have been amazing lately but once the sun does it’s thing and disappears behind the horizon Bristol streets have been lit up with Graffiti. On a night run I ran through here. This is the Bear pit in Bristol.


#Sponsor Me Please

Don’t forget that my huge global adventure next year is all in aid of Prostate Cancer UK to support my friend Kevin who has terminal prostate cancer. The drugs for the time being are working but he’s fighting an uphill battle. Please help me reach my goal of raising £250,000. You can donate just a few pounds online. Or if you want to read more about the challenge have a look here.

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