December & 2016 Round Up – A look ahead to 2017 and 2018

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Talk about cramming a lot in. 29 Races, 21 medals, 3268 Miles Completed I had the pleasure of experiencing the pain, suffering and heat of the infamous Marathon des Sables in the Sahara Desert. Not to mention the little point of taking on a world record. In July last year I attempted to break the world record for running the length of Ireland. 345 miles in 3 days. Sadly it wasn’t to be. I was taken down by the rain and cold. I caught Pneumonia and made the decision to stop. Needless to say I’m going back in just 6 months time to try again. Obviously.

Last year was an incredible year. Covering over 5000 kilometres means i went through quite a few pairs of trainers. 15 to be precise. Thanks to Pro Direct Running, Adidas and Nike for the support.

The year wasn’t just about mileage, well it was at the beginning. A simple goal of getting all the miles in when i could while holding down a job and a normal(ish) life. This was the plan to get me to glory in Ireland. Clearly didn’t work. But i’ve learnt a few things.

I’ve learnt that running for 40 miles with a broken ankle in 50 degree heat in the hottest place on earth, after completing 4 marathons… hurts, a lot. You can read all about this at


As the year progressed, increasing the miles and finding new amazing places all over the world to run the focus quickly shifted from personal goals to a sense of community. I met a couple in Athens that, after chatting for just a few minutes were so keen to chat more about running, invited me to visit later in the year. We exchanged details. I was then surrounded by family and friends as i took on my first World Record attempt… and it didn’t stop there. I was expecting fantastic support from the crew and all my usual supporters but didn’t anticipate the lovely heart felt messages i received from fans during and after the attempt. It was special.

It’s only right that I thank you all by making you do it all over again this year. July 18th, let’s see if this is my time.

Other than races and world records, i was enjoying the gentle, long runs with running buddies around my home town of Bristol, and trips to Paris just to do a quick 20k. Followed by wine and cheese… obviously. Thanks guys.

Looking back i had fond memories of the training i did to progress a few PB’s by just a couple of seconds, get me through the Sahara, and boost my training for this year. But i think the highlight was meeting 7 special people in Morocco. Rory, Jeff, Kev, Selina, Chris, Rich and Phil and I all spent time together under the scorching sun light of the Sahara Desert. Words can’t really describe it really… well i tried. Please read the post at for the full highlights and even a video

You can read more stats about me, my PB’s and races for all of last year at my website too. I can tell you though that I completed over 5.5 million steps.


Anyone that reads this blog often will know that i like my photography. And last year hasn’t disappointed. So many extraordinary places, people and sites.


In December it was rounded off by a huge trip to Canada. For a wedding initially, but you can’t go all the way to Canada just for a wedding, it’s only right to get a bit of skiing and exploring in too. All those involved in the Canada trip, you know who you are. Thank you. A million times thank you. It was truly amazing. What a way to round off a year.

Here’s some photos of Canada.


2017 Goals

Now into 2017 the goals for this year are simple…

Get the world record. What ever it takes. Train harder, make sure i’m well and get the record.

Besides from the record I have a few key goals,
1, to run 5000 miles this year.
2, to climb another big summit.
3, to tick off at least 2 more of the 12 ultra runs in the World Ultra Series. Australia is in May.
4, compete in at least 30 events, this will ensure i meet some great people again, increase my training and i’ll get to see some lovely places.


Running The World

There’s something which hasn’t been mentioned yet, and that’s talk about next year. 2018. I am taking a break from work, from life, from family, from everything except running.

In January of 2018 i am setting off on a huge trip around the world to set the world record for running a marathon in every country in the world. Yes all 196 countries in the world.

This trip will take me 550 days, covering all 7 continents, battle the cold of Antartica, the heat of Africa and the logistical nightmare that is the visa system.


Go Fund Me


My aim is to raise £250,000 for Prostate Cancer UK. This is important and is the number 1 goal for next year. Read about why i’m raising for Prostate Cancer here.
I’ll be posting more regularly this year as the momentum towards next year builds. Please get involved via Facebook, twitter, instagram and my website.

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If you’re around next year and want to join me on my adventure please drop me a note.

Oh you may also want to keep an eye out on tele for a few interviews coming up and a few articles in magazines, like Wanderlust.

Happy Running.