After my trip to Ireland which left me rather poorly, I’ve since relaxed and enjoyed a well earned rest to recuperate throughout August. My lungs have recovered (almost), and I’ve had a fantastic time relaxing, sailing and of course hill training in Croatia… oh and swimming and kayaking too. oops. I can’t help myself.

As all runners, and indeed particpants of any sport, find from time to time, it is very frustrating being injured or sick. I don’t work well when I’m chained to the ground, but the past month has worked very well for me. I’ve reduced my miles down to about 200 miles in August and as a result recuperated and I’m now back in full time training.


The month ahead is full, full of training and of course races. The month of September see’s a new training plan of a 500 mile month with more rest days, more intense gym sessions and longer running days. I’ve also re introduced my morning swims and weekly Hot Yoga (Bikram) classes. The combination of taking on a training which provides more rest and tough running days, gives me rest when it’s needed but stretches my level of training while I’m in my trainers. And of course I’ll be having daily ice baths.

My inspiration for my new plan to kick start the last quarter of the year has come from many sources… but Mo Farah’s training regime will be included along the way.  I have built his fast yet heavy milage weeks into my plan to enhance my speed. Over the past 6 months I’ve focused strongly on distance, now it’s time to combine my efforts with distance, to speed.

This month I will record my diet, my gym time, my strength training sessions, and of course my running pace and milage. This will act as a baseline before I start a new 35 week programme in November ahead of next years world records attempt.

I have a number of races coming up this month as i mentioned…

Thames Path (London) 100K 10th September

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 18.45.39

Drei Zinnen Alpine Run (Sesto Dolomites) 17th September

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 18.42.37

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 18.42.59

Berlin Marathon (Berlin, Germany) 25th September

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 18.44.31Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 18.44.49

Cardiff Half Marathon (Cardiff, Wales) 2nd October

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 18.47.27

So my month ahead is full, but next year is even busier than ever. I WILL reach my goal of holding a world record, and my time is July next year. Besides from venturing back to Ireland in July, I have many other races, and challenges ahead. later this year I’m attempting a 24 hour treadmill challenge, The Original Mountain Marathon, The Bangkok Marathon and a couple of smaller races… oh and a fantastic trip to Banff in Canada of Christmas.

Watch this space. I’ll be posting my updates on my 500 mile month and all my learnings along the way. This will be a good month to understand and rebenchmark my fitness, running times and stamina.

Here’s a few photos from ‘my time off’ in Croatia (okay so my hill training was a little treat). A great trip, sailing, kayaking, eating, drinking, swimming and of course running.
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I’d also like to thank my sponsors with a special mention to Pro Direct Running and their great team who provide me with kit. I will be trailing the new Clifton 3 HokaOneOnes, throughout September so look out for reviews on this at the end of the month. Please also follow my twitter to see my progress.


On the topic of sponsors thanks to Pro Direct and Nike for a great training day recently to try out some great new Nike Products. Here’s a few pics.


Once again please remember to spread the word and donate to my charities. They need your help.