So today marks just 20 days till I take on my first ever official Guinness World Record. As my previous posts have mentioned, I am attempting to run 345 miles in 84 hours, from the most northerly to the most southerly point in Ireland. Malin to Mizen. I am running for 3 special charities. British Heart Foundation because my family, (me included) all have heart problems to varying degrees. The second charity is for Cancer Research, this charity does great work, and we all know someone that has been affected by Cancer. Maybe a few extra pounds raised by me taking on this run could be the tipping point and put an end to cancer. My final charity, Prostate Cancer, is for a very special person I met in the dessert. Not often you start a sentence with that ey. I met Kevin running the Marathon des Sables in April of this year. He is a true inspiration and shows resilience and positivity like no other. He has terminal Prostate Cancer with only months to live, so this is for you Kev.


My June updates consists of a few bits and pieces, with the headline that my miles are still adding up this year. 339 for June keeps me on track for a good distance at half year, with the main aim to be strong and fit enough to take on the famous JOGLE world record in Aug of 2017.


This was 9th June…IMG_6827

Here’s a few details from June’s running calendar.

Stockholm Marathon

The weekend of the 4th June saw me compete in a great Marathon. Not a particularly quick time, but I went into this race just wanting to enjoy the atmosphere and knock up a few more miles ahead of this years record attempt. To my surprise I finished in a little over 3 hours… and I had a 3 hour sun tan to show for it. Thanks again to my fan club that tend to follow me all over the world.




So Endure 24, for those of you that don’t know, this is a 24 hours race near Reading. It consists of 5 mile loops… you can run as little or as much as you want. The course takes you through technical trail through trees, 3 hills, including tarmac roads and gravy paths. The plan was to use this race as a test for the Ireland attempt. When I take on Ireland, I have carefully planned stops, to allow me to rest, refuel and sleep. I ran Endure exactly as I intend to in Ireland. The only difference was the speed. I ran at about 1 min per mile quicker in Endure to be sure I would hit the 100 mile mark. About 2000 people entered this year, I finished my 20th lap after about 21 hours. I reached 100 miles and decided to call it a day. Not because I was injured or tired, but because I completed the plan, I had achieved what I set out to do, plus I wasn’t going to catch the leader who was 3 laps ahead of me. This was a big boost of confidence, simply sticking to the plan was a big plus. I finished 5th overall with the winner going on to compete 27 laps. This was a new course record. I’ll be sure to be back next year and smash it. For anyone that hasn’t run this race, you must. A great atmosphere, great value and the people are just so up for a good time. It’s great for your family and friends to support, lots of camp fires and BBQs while all the nutty runners run around in circles. Good to see you Ian and Caz.



Ireland Planning Continues

The Weekend of 25th June, me and my support crew got together for a 2 day final planning day. Thanks everyone. Very grateful. Together with the drivers, nutritionist, and physiotherapist etc etc we put the finish touches to an 84 hour plan. This includes when we are all making the journey to Ireland, plus all the little bits like which energy drinks I think I’ll need and when. The biggest complication is ensuring we have enough footage, enough witnesses and all the relevant details that Guinness require for formal approval. 20 days to go… eek. exciting if a little scary.

Also I must mention a huge thanks to Rory, Jeff, Kev and Jen. Jen thanks for your advise for taking on Ireland. Here we are around the planning table


Hoody Design

As part of the planning weekend my action was to sort out the final kit clothing for me and the team. With thanks to friends of friends I have been able to get a good deal on some sports clothing. (link to be available soon). Thanks Si. These hoodies and t shirts will be covered in the charities and sponsors that have helped to support. Thanks everyone


Big Moose Run for Emily

Early in the month, I was invited to support in the #runforemily campaign. This takes about 100 runners, beginners or otherwise to take part in the Cardiff Half Marathon in October this year. Big Moose is the face behind this. Google it. The great non profit organisation is helping not just this but all sorts of events around the country. Once a month We train together, raise a loads of money for charity, and ideally improve our fitness in the process. It’s my job to help advise these runners, and basically have a load of fun running around Cardiff with some lovely people. It’s a great laugh. If you want to get involved please take a look at the Big Moose Site…

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 17.23.13

Nike Zoom Pegasus 33

Simply THANK YOU… one of my sponsors pro direct have been great in helping supply trainers and gear… as you can imagine I get through a few pairs of trainers every other month so Pro Direct have come to the rescue. Full review coming soon. Here they are. I’ve ran about 300 miles in these so far and i can say they are one of the better trainers I’ve tried. Not as stable as some but incredible flexible and good for fast training sessions on road. Give them a go.



Oh and I had to treat myself to even more trainers… my 7th pair of Adidas Ultra Boost… nothing much to say other than… JUST BUY THESE… truly great trainers. Slippers really.

Business Cards

I’ve also been able to sort some business cards out recently to promote my services. If anyone wants help with training plans, some advice or to go for a run, drop me a mail. I intend to increase my speaking appearances this year and next, so if anyone would like a speaker at schools or corporate events please do contact me. I have some decent content… not many people have ran on a broken ankle for 40 miles through the dessert… drop me a mail


Here’s my latest few pics from my training runs… oh and I found this great training log book from Nathan. Take a look… it’s a great way to record your miles, understand your pace and heart rate too.

Finally a big thank you to everyone that has supported me so far. In a couple of weeks time I may or may not have a world record. Fingers Crossed. Please get involved.

If you have any spare cash please visit my just giving page and donate as little or as much as you can afford. Me and the charities thank you.