This month I’ve ran a total of 441 miles through training and a few events. If you’ve been reading my blog you’ll know this is all aiming towards a world record attempt in July this year; taking on running the length of Ireland, Malin Head in the north to Mizen head in the south. This is 345 miles in 84 hours. The current record stands at 87 hours. Read on to find more about the planning. Now being June, the attempt is now only 56 days away. Far to close for my liking.


So let’s recap the training over the last few weeks, while also fitting in the real world of work and life.
Week 19, Week 3 of May

So now after being back from MDS and back into training, the month of may was all about getting back up to distance and indeed speed.

Here’s a few highlights of May

My old Garmin watch has been a permanent fixture to my wrist for about 2 years. The Garmin 610, has served me well but it’s time to put it to rest and treat myself to a new one.


How great is the Garmin Fenix 3 HR Sapphire?

I’ve had my Garmin for a few weeks now and I love it. The Garmin Fenix 3 HR Sapphire is an amazing piece of kit, would recommend it to anyone. The ‘Tracbac’ function, is simple and incredible easy to use. I generally run all over the place, be it in Bristol or if i’m visiting a city i’ve never been to anywhere in the world. So being able to run without the fear of getting lost is great. When i’m ready to turn around and run home, i switch to ‘Tracbac’ and it shows me the virtual breadcrumb trail i’ve left behind me. AMAZING. I’ll write a full review as i get to know all it’s functions.

Injury from Injury

So after about a month of returning from MDS, with a broken ankle (heel to be precise) I may add. I gave up with the silly boot, and got back to training. I believe i naturally heal quite quickly but i’m genuinely amazed i was up on my feet after 4 nearly 5 weeks of hobbling through the Sahara Desert (MDS)with a broken foot. Either way after a week or so, my right ankle (the one that was broken) was fine, but my left foot was really sore. After about 80 miles of struggling through it looked like tendonitis. With a world record looming this was a little worrying but now a few weeks later I’m much better, still sore but not to the point that i have to stop running. Wahoo


Running in my jeans in London

This is a little embarrassing to say the least but hey, why not share. The story goes like this; I was working in London for a few days and as you may have noticed i like to keep up with my miles no matter where i am in the world. London being London, it’s a great place to run, ok so no fields but some nice parks, and a pretty monumental river. I found the changing rooms in work, changed, partly… i had forgotten my shorts.


By this time, i had asked the security and resection to show me the way to shower room, it was in the basement, somewhere i just couldn’t find, i’d made sure i had enough time to run, and i was up for it. A nice midday 10 miles to keep the miles up that day. So me being me thought, why not, i have my jeans with me so i’ll run in them instead. Needless to say, 10 miles in Jeans was a little uncomfy, I’d chose the word Chaffey. It didn’t help that after about 4 miles the rain came, so yeah a dumb run, but I win cos i finished the day with 20 miles. Even if i didn’t enjoy those few miles. The looks i got were worth it.


Battenberg stone

I can’t not include this in my post. On a run in Bristol, along the towpath (for those Bristolians amongst you will know where i mean) I came across this stone (pictured below) All runners love cake… so here’s me sharing a great mid run pic.

Bristol 10K and the food festival

So this year the Bristol 10K was enjoyable. I was pacing, rather than going for it, for a change i could take in the view and enjoy the cheers as I ran past. I also met Alex from one of my sponsors; Pro Direct Running. We now have future meetings organised, for photo shoots and running day. Very much looking forward to it.


Week 20, Week 4 of May

Towards the end of May I managed to keep my miles up covering 137 miles training, including some good hill runs with, Andy, Gary, another Andy and Rob.


Andy is a great bloke and runner, having already completed JOGLE in 17 days this year. He also owns Beyond the Wall a great running cafe in Bristol, take a visit. pic below


I have also been training in my new Hoka One One trainers provided by sponsor Pro Direct. A full review will be ready soon, I am still bedding them in. They haven’t been run out yet, so i’m interested to know how long they last. I will say however that my tendonitis started when i first used these trainers. So i’m hoping that this is just coincidence. Time will tell.


Planning for a World Record Attempt

The most useful part of week 20 of 2016 for me was the trip to Ireland. This was a trip driving each of the 345 miles i will be running in just 57 days time during my world record attempt to run from Malin Head to Mizen Head. I plan to run the distance in just 3 days, a total of 84 hours, beating the current record by 3 hours. So this trip was to understand the route, know what the terrain was like, organise where the rest stops will be, and if there is anything else i hadn’t thought of.

IMG_6058IMG_6062IMG_6176IMG_6199IMG_6157IMG_5992Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 20.44.17

The results of the trip were as follows: HILLY HILLY HILLY. The route was actually a total of 342.5 miles taking the most direct route. It is also a very beautiful route through rural Ireland, this however is where the good news stops. The roads were long, straight and hilly. The overall accent will naturally be similar to the decent, as there are no huge mountain ranges, but it has shown i need to start training harder on the hills.

Overall i will stop 27 time, 6 long stops of 3 hours each, and the remainder will consist of 30 min stops. Every 2 hours i will stop for 30 mins. In these 2 hours i will run just 12 miles. So the overall speed will be around 6 miles per hour. Not fast. However i have never run 342 miles and not got slower towards the end. My stops will need to be slick. Drain my legs, drink, eat and rest. We will see how it goes. Ahhhh.

Read more about the attempt by clicking the below

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 17.15.23
May Bank Holiday

Finally the last week of May has been great. The May bank holiday and a further few days was spent running in sunny cornwall with friends. A total for May of 441 miles. So pleased I’ve been able to get my milage back up after injury and indeed during injury. Here’s a few pics of the sunny, enjoyable bank hols with friends.


Huge thanks to all the running folk I’ve been training with in person and the kind comments on social media. Please keep up the support.

The next few weeks are going to be great as always. In a couple of days time i’m off to Stockholm for the Marathon. Another medal to add to the ever growing cabinet. I am such a medal hunter. After this I will be spending my time increasing the miles before tampering for July 28th, the Ireland Attempt.



On 6th June I have my first training group to support, train and run with. The # run for emily campaign is a great initiative and you could be the next to get involved. This is a half marathon in October, organised by Big Moose. Big Moose are putting on a great support framework for people of all abilities to better their current running achievements, big or small. My part is to train and lead about 100 runners in Cardiff every month between now and October. I can’t wait for the enthusiasm to rub off on me and vice versa. We run in October, so if anyone wants to get involved please have a look at the NON PROFIT Organisation, Big Moose. They do great things, for free, everywhere. If you want to know more about what the Run for Emily Campaign is all about please visit the Big Moose site.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 17.23.13



Thanks once again to my sponsors, friends, running gang, and all those kind words of support as i head towards the World Record Attempt.

Please continue to get stuck in, support and donate to the charities. This after all is why i love running so much. Charities can benefit while a whole load of people have fun too. We have lots of fun stuff coming up so if you want support in a more personal way by helping with the attempt or training plans or simply going for a run every now and then please contact me.

Happy running people.