M2M World Record Attempt and what it’s all about

Some of you may know I’m taking on my first endurance world record attempt in July of this year. Exciting times right. Here’s a bit about it.

M2M stands for Malin Head to Mizen Head. Malin is the most northerly point of Ireland and Mizen is the most southerly. The 345 mile running attempt will take me the entire length of Ireland in 3 days.

Soon I hope to have this logo on my certificate 🙂


The current record stands at 3 days 15 hours and 26 minutes. Roughly 87 hours. I am to run and beat the world record by just 3 hours in a total time of 84 hours.

The event is now well planned and training has been underway for many months, this includes the numerous races around the world this year and previous.

On July 28th 2016 I will set off from Malin Head at 11am to start the 345 mile journey. Having now driven the exact route I will be taking, I now know this route is very hilly.

I have a team of 2 camper vans, and 2 cars to support with hydration and nutrition throughout the attempt. I plan to stop frequently but for very short periods of time. The team consists of just 7 people.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 20.44.17

I will endeavour to tweet short video clips as I make my way south through Ireland.

This world record attempt is part of a bigger plan on two fronts. Firstly I hope to raise £150,000 for a number of specific charities between now and the end of 2017. This includes my second point… In late August of 2017 I hope to break the world record for the quickest run down the length of the U.K. Some of you will know this as JOGLE. John O’groats to Lands end.

This years 345 mile Ireland attempt combined with 2017’s 860 mile attempt should see me break two world records and raise over £150,000 for charity.

Which charities… To sum things up I have always raised money for charity be it running or otherwise, however of late over the last few years I’ve been running for the British Heart Foundation, VICTA and Cancer Research. This will continue throughout this year and next (2016 and 2017) with one significant addition…

During the Marathon des Sables, 260km multi day ultra event in the Sahara Desert I met many great people, one of which was Kevin. Kevin has terminal prostate cancer and subsequently not long to live. His attitude, sense of humour, positivity and general kindness inspired me to amend my charity causes and support the charity ‘Prostate Cancer’. Not only do I hope to raise shed loads of money for these charities but also help to raise awareness and help to reduce potential cases like Kevin’s.


Here’s me at the finish line, on our planning drive just 65 days before the attempt.


This years Ireland attempt will include a small team, and is not very well publicised… however the 2017 JOGLE will be a big deal. With the Prostate Cancer supporting and various media and sponsors involved I hope to run each mile of 2017 with someone. This will include a baton of some sort to pass to the next supporter. Kevin will even be running a marathon a day with me throughout the challenge.

I’ll write about the other great people on MDS at another point, but I should mention one key player in all of this is Jeff. Founder of the great non profit organisation Big Moose. Like I said , more details to come, watch this space.

If you’d like to get involved with planning, want to join me running for a mile or 2 or would simply like to donate please contact me or drop me a note through Twitter. My just giving page link is readily available.