Week 18 2016 Review 90 Miles and Ireland World Record T-70 Days

So this week, I’ve met David Coulthard, pro direct have sent me a new pair of Hoka trainers, I got really sun burnt running a race in Cambridge and more importantly I’m back on my feet after injury.



Having resting for a substantial amount of time (half the recommended time) my broken ankle feels almost as good as new. To recap my heel bone didn’t like me pounding the desert for 100 miles, so it gave up. After some great help from doctors, friends and family, I am on my feet, and managed to attempt to get back into routine. This week, week 18 of the year I ran 90 miles. I’ll spend the next few weeks getting back to up 50 or 60 miles a day. This is of course in preparation for the Ireland world record in July, and the JOGLE attempt in 2017.


The Month of May Challenge

So this last week was the start of a little experiment I’m putting myself through this month. For the month of May I will be eating no Chocolate, recording my weight, and capturing everything I eat and drink. Obviously I’ll be keeping an eye on my running distance too. Every year I give myself a month off chocolate and a month off alcohol. Primarily It’s a good test of discipline but also it’s nice to reduce the booze and chocky too. I’ll be stopping all Alcohol in June ahead of my July record attempt. Should give me a little advantage.


Redbull’s Wings for Life World Run

This Sunday I ran in the UK Cambridge wings for life run hosted by Redbull. This race is so unique in that 35 countries take part all over the world, all start at the same time, day or night, and the winner is the person that can run the furthest. A catcher car starts 30 mins after the 100,000 world wide participants, the car then speeds up every hour and eventually catches everybody. This year the winner topped out at over 80km. I managed only 26km. First race after MDS, and the ankle injury so I was conscious to take it steady, even still I noticed I am not as fit as I was 8 weeks ago. Too much resting perhaps, although I needed it. So the next few weeks are going to be a hard slog to get back into the swing of things. Ireland attempt is only 70 days away. So it was here I met the driver of the UK catcher car… yes, David Coulthard. As a formula one fan it was great to meet him, and he was as expected, a lovely chap. I should add, I came back from the desert last month ruined from the Marathon des Sables, I didn’t however get sun burnt. It was in sunny Cambridge, England where the 26 degrees caught me by surprise, and indeed sunlotionless. 3 hours in a vest, boom burnt to a crisp. Lesson learnt… probably.


Pro Direct The Hoka One One Trainer

Once again thanks to the pro direct team for providing me with another great pair of trainers. I’ve never ran in the Hoka brand, but have always wanted to. Let’s see how they fair against my favourite trainer, the Adidas Ultra Boost. A full review will be posted in a months time. Watch this space.


Time to Relax

Although I’ve been out of action after MDS, it’s nice to have some time to kick back and relax, even in the sun. Newquay, Cornwall didn’t disappoint for a few days over the bank holiday. Here’s some pics.


My Charities

So as you know I run for charity every year, this year I’ve added a few charities, specifically road peace and Prostate Cancer. Having met Kevin in the desert, I am now planning to run my world record attempt next year on behalf of Prostate Cancer. I hope to raise £50,000. Please take a look at the facebook page here. You can also follow my progress, training and adventures on my twitter.


The Record Attempt

If you want to get involved in my Guinness World Record attempt in September 2017 to run the length of the country please let me know. More people that get involved the more fun it will be. And let’s get raising some money for Prostate Cancer. Cheers guys, drop me a tweet or a message or just call me to get involved.


Please take time to learn about prostate cancer and donate here. You can also donate to my other charities by clicking the images below.