So this weekend was pretty eventful. I struggled round a half marathon, I met a running legend and won a free place in Cardiff Half Marathon. That’s all before dinner time.

Meeting Seb Coe

Walking through the streets of Cardiff, and he walked past. Very rarely star struck but Seb Coe, is basically and literally the president of running. okay some other sports too I suppose. I was on the phone at the time. I immediately hung up and went to chat. He was about to start the press conference ahead of the world half marathon champs but he still had time to chat. Thanks Seb.


Winning a free place into Cardiff Half Marathon

A few years ago I won a helicopter trip over London after taking part in a Batak Challenge wall. For anyone that doesn’t know what a Batak wall is, it’s simply a reaction test wall. 8 lights and 30 seconds, when they light up, hit them until the time is up. At the time Jenson Button hold the record, I had a few goes and to my surprise I was only 4 away from the world record. Anyway I beat about 60000 people. So when I noticed a competition being run but Cardiff University in the Motopoint arena in Cardiff I had to have a go. A few goes later and I beat the current record by 2. 63 was the count. The prize for the top 5 results was free entry to Cardiff Half in October 2016. Thanks Cardiff University. So far my day was going pretty well.


Half Marathon World Championships

So I mentioned my day was going well. This is where it stopped. That’s an exaggeration . I love the race but the rain, the hail and the cold made it somewhat less enjoyable. Although I’m sure I’ll be wishing for cold in the desert in just 10 days time. I’m a long distance runner, and as my training has been picking up ahead of the Marathon des Sables and indeed the world record later in the year I realised at about mile 2 of the half marathon that my speed had been substantially affected. My PB of 1:22 for a half was well off. I manager just over 1:32. 10 mins over. In a way it has given me the confirmation that this long slow plod training is working. I can run 35 miles on sand up and down hills and drive the 7 hours home and not feel as sore as I did running this half.


A big thanks to the gang of runners I met with pre and post race. Gary, Ali, Si, and Jamie. 🙂


The first and last full gear training run

In order to test the new bag, gaiters and assess the weight of the bag I wanted a quick test. Went out for a slow 8 miles, hills, some off road and all in all, pretty good. Shoulders dealt with the bag alright, didn’t feel too heavy and I tried out the MDS bag’s waist strap for a third bottle, which I’ve decided to take. The desert is upon me so I think I’m more or less there. Just a few bits and pieces to prep for and then I’m off.

Oh and I bought a great running themed onsie.


Under Armour and Pro Direct Running The Gemini 2 Unboxing

So since my sponsorship arrangement with pro direct running has started I’ve been lucky enough to try some great clothing and trainers. Today I received the latest cool technology from Under Armour. The Gemini 2 trainers look great, and even have a GPS and cadence analysis built in. Their connection with Map my run means once you run over 11 min miles the app picks up the run and stores it. Just check your phone when you’re done. So I haven’t tired these yet, and the mileage is pretty low at only 400 miles but we’ll see what they’re like over the next month or so. Not going to attempt anything new just yet. Certainly a great looking trainer. Thanks again Pro Direct.


Finally a big thanks once again to my sponsors and those who support me. Follow me on Twitter for more live action.

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