So today I’m sore and tired but not as bad as I could be. Yesterday was the Northumberland Coastal Trail Series from Alnwick Castle to Bamburgh Castle. This was my penultimate event till the great Marathon des Sables (MDS) in just 39 days time. It acted as good sand training in prep. I do however have a feeling that nothing can really prepare me.I met a great bunch of people; some of which will also be running in the desert so hi to Paul and Lucja, great to meet you.


I’m please to say I finished in the top 10, just…. alright I finished 10th. For a rocky, sandy, muddy, and cold route, with a pack on i it’s not too bad. Another medal to add to the collection. Also I should add, although my race was great the total of 14 hours and 710 miles driving from Bristol to just south of Edinburgh was also pretty tough…



So… a lot has happened since 2015. My last blog entry was in Jan recapping the 3000km challenge. It feels like a long time ago. Already having run hundreds of miles this year, I’m in full swing for another great year. As I’ve mentioned before my focus is on the world record attempt next year. Lands end to John O’Groats, and naturally having a great time in the process. I’ll also trail run the attempt later this year, just to test myself.

Thanks again to all my sponsors and support. Every run, and every training mile is all raising money for charity. As always you can find more details on my just giving page or on the other tabs of this site. Please keep donating – 100% of funds goes directly to the 3 charities. British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research, and Visually Impaired Children Taking Action (VICTA). Great causes and great people.


Since last month i’ve been lucky enough to have Nuffield health sponsor me; they provide the gyms and the pools, and the physio that supports my races. In essence Nuffield has give me a chance to train up in ways I haven’t previously. Hopefully this will give me an edge. Also a big thanks to Pro Direct who have provided me with a brand new pair of trainers released in feb by Asics; watch this space, reviews to come.



Reviews for Nuffield on it’s way once i have a chance to use their facilities a little more.

Something to mention which is really enjoyable at the moment is organising my MDS race pack. Thanks to Rory Coleman for all his support last year and going forward. He and I are working together to train me up to my ‘full potential’. This includes advising on all matters MDS. Being a great MDS ambassador he knows his stuff. With this in mind, the MDS spreadsheets rivals those of P&Ls or such like. Every item is weighed, every Item is then removed. Well almost. MDS has a minimum requirement to run with 14000 calories, or 2000 per day so this takes up a good chunk of the 7kg bag. The gram to Kcal ratio is vital. But don’t forget to think about sugar, protein and fat components either. As you can see putting a race pack for a multi day event in the desert is fun. I good speadie and lots of planning, what more can i ask for in a race. For those of you MDS veterans if you have any tips let me know. The aforementioned process is a common occurrence amongst us fun junkies. So to sum up, I’m excited, buzzing to give it a go. Not forgetting the memory of all previous races… you know what i’m talking about; the pain, the legs, the why am i doing this, the i want a bath feeling.

1200x-1Day 3 - long climb into dunes

Here’s a few items of kit i’ve added to the collection ready to pack:


So here’s a few pics from yesterdays race, and a few from Two Bays Tough Ten. This was a 10 mile race on tough terrain around Weston Super Mare. Not the most glamorous of places to run but a great event. One of the toughest for me as i decided to put myself through it by carrying around 11km of weight. This was a bad idea at about mile 6 when i fell over a few times in the mud. A few pulled muscles later and i was on the roller all last week. A great race none the less, and thanks to Gary, John and the gang.


So whats next… well a load of races basically. lots of training and more great place to run. In fact i have an exciting Heat Acclimation session booked in a couple of weeks time at Chichester uni, so watch this space.

If anyone would like to donate to my 3 chosen charities please use this link

Over the next few weeks my focus for MDS will start to ramp up, plenty more exciting updates to come. If there’s anyone out there running MDS, or would like to drop me a note, organise a run, ask advice or give advice for that matter, please drop me a note at


Cheers for the support. My work to achieving a world record continues. A decent world record obviously; not just balancing spoons on my face for example. FYI Guinness World Records confirmed my attempt a few weeks back to it’s on.