Day 365… Mission Complete. 3006.2km Run.

Wow, It’s over. 2015 was an amazing year, and you all made it so much fun. I have a lot of people to thank.


So I set out to run 3000km in 365 days and raise a shed load of money for some great charities. I have done exactly that. New Years eve 2015 I ran my last marathon of the year. No special event, but a simple, peaceful and thoughtful run around rainy Bristol. Thanks Claire for joining me for the last 5 miles. I look tired.


Many of you will know that 2015’s running was all aiming towards bigger and better things. I have some grand plans, and my ambitions to achieve world records, run all over the world, meet great people, and compete in the top ultra marathons is now starting to take shape.

Before I talk about my plans for 2016 and beyond let’s reflect on 2015. First and foremost is the people, the spirt of running and the community that is running; heres some photos to highlight.

You may notice it’s now already a good way through January of 2016 as I’m writing this. I have simply been too busy, be it running, skiing, resting or actually enjoying myself in ways which don’t involve trainers to write an update.


(notice the Thames Path Challenge Buff)IMG_2120

I know let myself down right?. Maybe this will make up for it; I received an email from Just Giving informing me i was in the top 1% of fundraiser for 2015. Out of 532124 people raising money you lot pushed my fundraising to the top. THANK YOU.




Since the journey began to venture in the world of becoming an athlete, I’ve learnt a great deal about diet, food, time management, a great coach, a whole bunch of running mates and raised awareness and money for great charities. If you want to ask a question or join me on a run get in touch. So to 2016 and beyond…

You can see on the right the races i’ll be taking part in this year and next. I have the famous MDS desert race in April, which is coming up all too fast i have to say, before i that i have the 35 mile Northumberland Coastal trail, the 77 mile grand canaria ultra, and a bunch of smaller races. Post MDS in April i’ll continue my training to take on the world record in Ireland. This is to run the length of Ireland in about 3 days. My coach Rory and I will be working hard to produce a good structured approach for this. Besides from getting some media attention and gaining sponsors i’ll be repeating myself from last year by running the 24 hour London to Cardiff event. This time i won’t be running in a team though. This is all in preparation for the December GB trials in Barcelona, should I train hard enough. Oh and about 20 races in between. FUN!



TRANSGC-1024x441Foto: Carlos Díaz - RecioUnknown

Speaking of sponsors I’ve been lucky enough to gain a number of great brands to support me on my quest. Remember that all although i love to run, i have the goal of raising £50k for charity over the next 2 years so having some media attention and big brands on my side will help huge. A big thanks to Nuun who provide electrolyte tabs for my races, Nuffield Health who allow me to use their pools, physiotherapists, gyms and classes, and Meridian foods for nutritional peanut butter, Mereo Performance which provide odour free clothing, and Adidas who provided a few bits of kit along the way so far. I look forward to working/running with you next year.

I will be writing reviews of clothing, trainer brands, including my diet tips, my training plans and reviews of products, gyms, and races thoroughout 2016.

IMG_1632Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 14.59.48Nuun logo

Another big part of the next few years for me is to gain my running coach qualification. I believe i know a little about running at the moment so would love to put it to good use. Ideally to coach disadvantaged kids, or train adults looking to lose weight etc. So i’ll be exploring this in months to come. Because one day my knees will give up on me, hopefully i’ve got a good few more medal cabinets worth of races in me yet though.

If anyone wants to run with me, get involved in events, help with organising the world records attempts or simple ask advice please feel free to drop me a note.

Oh and i suppose i should mention. I broke my toe. Well it’s only my little toe but it’s enough to turn running into hobbling for a few weeks. How did i do it i hear you ask. I simple stubbed my toe on the sofa, pretty damn hard. Sorry feet.

Anyway, running has taken a back seat a little these last few week (don’t get me wrong i’ve still been running every day) but i’ve not done the distance i would have liked. A ski trip (photos below), a rest week, moving house, and now a dodgy toe. So back up and running (quite literally) Sunday. A long run around Bristol this Sunday 24th Jan. Anyone around to get involved? Here’s a lovely photo of some of bristols famous graffiti one of my evening runs this week.

PLEASE don’t forget to share my story, get involved or donate a few pennies to these great causes. VICTA, (Visually Impaired Children Taking Action), BHF (British Heart Foundation), and Cancer Research.

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A final huge thank you to all of you for last year.