With only 32 days left of the year I thought I should put a quick update together. The nights are darker, the mornings are colder and I’m still loving it. okay, maybe not the ice cold hands, and windy rainy mornings but overall it’s great.

It’s been a month since I teamed up with my coach Rory. My first iteration of the 12 week strict training plan is going well. I’ve managed to accommodate moving house, continuing to work full time and adjust to increased miles. Over this first 12 weeks I’m increasing my miles to around 140 per week, but the 12 week plans ahead will contain 300 plus weeks. I’m excited but my fingers and toes are crossed for my legs, bones and muscles to cope. No injuries please.

So the distance; 32 days left and I have just 337.77km to go equates to about 10.5km a day… easy peasy, perhaps. This long 365 days is now down to just 32. It’s gone pretty quickly all things considered.


I’ve had some great food these last few weeks, some great runs, caught up with old friends, ran a 37:34 min 10k in my old home town, and picked up a couple of new sponsors to help me along my way.


Can’t thank the sponsors enough. This challenge has coasted a small fortune, but we’ve raised a great £8000 for charity. Next year sponsors will be key to success. So thanks this week goes to Nuun who have provided my electrolyte tabs, and Meridian Foods who have supplied some great tasting nut butters. Full reviews will be on this site shortly. If you want to get involved and sponsor me in any way the next 24 months is getting serious. Read on for me details.


Yesterday was the long awaited Marathon des Sables ultra race in the desert. Although I’ve done plenty of ultra’s this will be a big goal for 2016. The event was great, great guests and obviously spent plenty of money on kit.


Listening to Susie Chan, James Cracknell, and Patrick was eye opening. Here’s a few pics from the event.


Besides this year’s challenge coming to it’s end I’m starting to get incredibly excited for next year’s challenges. Marathon des sables is just the beginning. I’ll update my calendar soon with the next events.

Although my challenge is completing this year, I am continuing to raise money for charity, and hoping to increase this to £50,000 by the end of 2017. A few world record attempts, the hardest footrace in the world and some of the hilliest climbs that exist. I’ll keep you posted. Please have a look around the various bit and pieces on the website for more clues on what’s to be expected next year and the year after.

Importantly I have decided to increase the spread of my charities. At present this year I’ve been raising fund for BHF, Cancer Research and VICTA. These are all charities close to my heart (no pun intended); however for 2016 and 2017 I am introducing a forth charity to share the love. Road Peace, is a charity to support road traffic collisions. I’ll elaborate on this in my posts towards the end of the year. PLEASE visit my just giving page or twitter to follow daily updates and fun pics and videos.

Another exciting addition to next year involves, increased sponsor interest, a pro photo shoot planned to spruce up some publicity and getting other runners around the world involved in my world record attempt in 2017. If anyone would like to get involved please drop me a note or call. All the details are on this site.

Oh and also I got a new watch… not replacing the legendary Garmin 610 though. I simply realised that humans have 2 wrists so why not have 2 watches. The FitBit Surge can monitor my heart rate 24/7 so over the next few years I can really see how my fitness improves. My current resting heart rate sits at about 39.

I had a little run today with a 9kg bag, (My new MDS bag and bottles, couldn’t resist), in the wind, the rain and what felt like a full on storm. My new quad compression sure did help. I’ll be reviewing these too over the next few weeks.



Thanks everyone… just 32 days and I will have completed 3000km running this year. It’s changed the way i live for the better, and has opened up a whole new competitive edge for me. Next year I’m running to win.