So I’m nearly done for 2015. November 14th, I have just 47 days of running remaining. Don’t forget though the next few years are going to make this look like a warm up. I’ll keep you updated, if you want to get involved or know more contact me at or ask me on twitter @runningatthefront

Here’s just a few of the medal I’ve picked up along the way this year:


I’ve ran 2513km this year, and loved every second of it… well almost every second. The 25th mile of a marathon tends to be pretty painful, but still enjoyable of course. The few weeks in April where a strained my right IT band wasn’t exactly fun either but still all part of the challenge so can’t complain. The support has been outstanding, be it at races, or twitter or the kind chunky anonymous donations. Thanks everyone.


With 47 days to go I have just 487km to go, a little over 10km a day. Fingers crossed for no annoying injuries.


Since my last post I’ve ran the Amsterdam Marathon, the Athens Marathon and the Great South Run. Pretty busy. I’ve also had some exciting news. I’ve been lucky enough to secure a coach for my future challenges. When I say lucky enough, that’s a huge under statement, can’t thank Rory enough. This will make all the difference to my training; I’m already a week into a 12 week plan. Let’s see what the future holds ey, I have some incredible challenges coming up.. watch this space.


2016 will see me run the famous Marathon des Sables, the Eiger, the Transgrancanaria, and the world half marathon championships… plus what feels like countless others. Oh and I’ll be attempting a world record too.




So Amsterdam marathon… to sum it up i’d say; RAIN, a french man, MORE RAIN, and a time of 03:08. Not too shabby in all. A can’t go any further without a big shout out to Christoph, a friendly french guy who happened to be running at exactly the same pace at the 4 mile marker… we had a brief breathless chat and agreed to help each other to the line. For me this is a great part of running, which most non runners don’t get to experience. The ruling community are just so friendly and happy… it’s got to be all the running I’m sure.







Athens: well there is only one word, or perhaps two words that sums this up… HOT and HILLY. The first 30km was a gentle climb, and then a very welcomed 12km downhill into Athens. Most of you will know that Athens is the birth place of the marathon so running this event was special to say the least. An early 5am start to catch the busses to the start line in Marathon, a 2 hour break for the other 40 plus thousand to arrive. I chatted to some interesting Swedish chaps, and some equally lovely locals. I only flew out to Greece the night before, so this was a hectic weekend. I finished in 304th of about 43,000, with a time of 03:11; which all things considered i’m happy with. 24 degrees isn’t that hot, but when i was expecting a slight cloudy, possibly rainy run, my plans changed quick.IMG_0972IMG_1068



The Great South run was a surprise. I was expecting a big race, but had no idea that it is the biggest 10 mile race in the world. I finished well, in just under 01:04 and had plenty left for a sprint finish, which just doesn’t happen usually. A great race; Jo Pavey got another european title and the support on the course was outstanding. Who’d have thought that Portsmouth of all places could be exciting.



Besides from all the races, and fantastic adventures I do still have to train, and these last few weeks have been great. Here are a few photos to sum it up. There’s been great food, great people, and great views.




I’ve briefly mentioned the future but I’ll be updating in weeks to come with more details. I will continue the fund raising into next year, and the year after so please continue to support me.

I’ll be running the last few miles with my friends on new years eve, well that’s the plan.

Track my latest progress through my blog and please donate via just giving.

Im in the process of looking for sponsorship for challenges in the next few years from companies and individuals. All the help I can get will be thankfully welcomed. Please drop me an email to