Today marks day 270, and just 95 days left of running before my 3000km challenge comes to a close this year. I say that like it’s just a few days away, but it will of course, come by all too quickly.



Since my last update I’ve cleared some the deficit and taken part in my first Ultra of the year. As it happens I did pretty well. I’ll come on to that later.


So today, 27th September is Berlin Marathon day. Unfortunately i wasn’t able to find a place this year but not to worry, my legs have rested today and instead i’m writing this update, and generally day dreaming about the events to come. As of this weekend i’ve now run 2,064.03km in 270 days. I am now considerably less behind target and feeling positive about the rest of the challenge (he says with rested legs, full, with breakfast in bed).


I am 138.93km short of where i need to be to hit my 3000km by the end of the year. As i’ve said before i wanted to run about 8.2km a day to maintain steady progress to 3000km and the end of the year. So i’ve done some recalculations, and re-baselined my mileage.

I have 95 days left, which works out at around 9.85km per day, every day until the end of the year. Easy! (ha). With help from fellow running buddies and family and friends support i actually think i’ll be able to do this. (it was never really in doubt)… although an injury now would spell potential problems. Fingers crossed ey.

That’s the plan then. So what’s been happening since the Helsinki Marathon in Finland 6 weeks ago? Well, along with 4000 other brave/crazy people, I competed in the Thames Path Challenge. A 100km (62 mile) ultra run from Putney to Henley. I wanted to finish in 9h 45m but had no real idea exactly how my legs would fair. The weather was great, my refuelling stops were well planned, and I had great support from Claire and Jane (thanks to both of you). After 10 hours, and 41 mins, and about 8,000 calories later, I crossed the finish line. There wasn’t really that much going on, not many people cheering and all in all, just a slightly below average end to a race. I was then told by one of the marshals that it was likely i was in the top 20. Top 20, out of 4000, well that was more luck than judgment. It turns out i actually finished 7th. I am really quite pleased with 7th, although hats off to all who competed, especially those few annoyingly good people ahead of me.

The best bit was 48 hours later, my legs were as good as new, i had no blisters and the chaffing was less sore under my arms and thighs (nice thought ey). I had miraculously refuelled well, drained my legs every 33km and it all work out. Now on to the next big one.

So naturally, I now have big ultra running ambitions (if they weren’t big enough already). I’m 26 now and i hope that by the time I’m 31 i will have competed in all of the 12 top Ultra events in the Ultra Trail World Tour.


This was ignited by picking up 2 Ultra Trail du Mt Blanc points (UTMB) from the thames path event, plus the knowledge that my Marathon des Sables race planned for next April will give me another 4 points. In order to compete in the UTMB; a gruelling 168km event which boasts elevation gain of over 9,600 meters (yes meters not feet), i need 9 points from 3 races between 2015 and 2016. So for a 2017 place i will need one more race with at least 3 points next year to qualify me for possible entry. (i say possible because there’s still a waiting list). The are so many i’d want to do but for ease of registration the Trans Grand Canaria 125km ultra is in March next year and places are available. This will see me complete another one of the 12 top racing events in the world and also give me a chance to compete in the UTMB and provide much needed hill training ahead of MDS in April. I just have to survive the 2 skiing holidays in January in February.

Qualifying Race


So as you can see my race calendar for the next few years is already filling up. Here’s the races i want to complete:


Looking a little more short sightedly i have a couple of big events coming up. Besides from a small 10km in Regents Park next weekend, i have the Amsterdam Marathon, which is then followed promptly by the Athens Marathon, and then the weekend after, the Istanbul marathon. Excited is an understatement. This will take me up to mid November, with just 6 weeks of the year remaining and not much time to complete my 3000km challenge.


A big thank you to all of my supporters so far, the year is still not over and i’m still running, so please continue to provide the boost i need. Let’s get to the £10,000 target for these 3 charities. They need real support, so lets not forget why i’m doing this. Please donate a few £’s via my just giving page. All donations go staring to the charities.


Thank you again. Another update will be on the way shortly no doubt.

A final shout out to all my twitter followers, your kind words and enthusiasm keeps me going on the cold early morning training runs.

Oh and how could i forget the little half marathon event in Bath last weekend, the Bath Two Tunnels. I was a pacer for friends, so not competing for the glory, but was a great event and they both did well. On to the next one.

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