Day 165 3000km Challenge – 163km Behind Target – Plus a broken toe

Yesterday I ran the Liverpool Marathon. A great event, weather held out and the atmosphere was great towards the end. The Rock and Roll medal is pretty impressive too. It’s all about the medal. Not a bad time either 3h 14m 1s. A new 2015 PB. Thanks folks for the support.


A big thanks to Geoff Smith – 2 times Boston Marathon Winner for this photo too.


Although yesterday was a great success, this challenge is starting to take its toll on my body. I’m behind on my distance by about 163km and last week I managed to break my toe.

The broken toe hasn’t stopped me from running but it ain’t half sore. It’s my own fault; someone managed to step on my right little toe on a night out. Fortunately it was only the very end of the toe so I’m managing to run slightly lopsided (and yes I’m aware this is going to ruin other joints due to compensating). But the show must go on.



Despite the deficit and the extra hassle of an injured IT band, a broken toe and very sore knees I have hit some key milestones over the last few weeks.

This year I’ve now ran 1192km, I’ve successfully completed decent times in the London Winter Run, Garmin RYP, Barcelona Marathon, Exeter Age UK, London Hyde Park, London Marathon, Aztec West, London to Cardiff, Bupa London, Run Eton, Bristol, and now Liverpool Marathon. I have many more to come but nearly half way through the year, I’m still going… just about.

These last few weeks since the London to Cardiff have been tough and riddled with injury but I’ve clawed back a few more kilometres and the late evening runs have been somewhat more sunny, now the summer is arriving (potentially briefly). I’ve spent time back in my home town of Bournemouth, visited the beach and generally been taking it a bit easier (if you can call 50miles a week easy). The legs have needed a slight rest.

The Bristol 10k was a semi success – I finished in 38:48 which wasn’t the greatest time but looking back through the year, this would have been a PB. I finished 265th, with our work team took the title of Corporate League winners. Also a big well done to Claire, Sarah and Anne.



Other than waiting for my legs to recover I’ve been prepping for my Ben Nevis trip. I’ve had to pull out of the Norway Marathon due to the expense of getting there, so instead I’ll be climbing Ben Nevis and then walking/running the 117km great glen way from Fort William to Inverness. Planning a trip like this is a perfect excuse to spend a bit of money on some gear.



My trainers which have now done 500miles since February are now just about ready to be retired. ‘Saucony Triumphs 150’ are fantastic trainers, they are well cushioned, protect your ankle, and a light weight considering the amount of cushioning you get. I think these are even better than my Salomon Speed Cross’ that started my journey with me back in January.

Can’t write this post without including the incredible weekend back home on the beach.


As always, please remember to keep up the support, follow my tweets on twitter and donate where you can. The 3 great causes are British Heart Foundation, VICTA, and Cancer Research. Please take time to look at my just giving page for more details.



Many thanks for all my supporters and sponsors. Just the rest of the year to go.