Day 140 and 992km complete IMG_5652 Today I got back from another great event. The 24 hour London to Cardiff challenge. Teams of between 8 and 12 ran through the night covering 160miles in relay. I managed 3 solid stints of around 11 miles each. Would recommend to anyone. The weather held out and by the 9th stage we were confident we were running at a record setting pace. With the course record of around 22hours we hoped to beat it. However throughout the night and after a couple of tough complicated stages we had fallen behind slightly. Our legs were sore, our bodies tired and our minds beginning to feel the effects of no sleep or nutrients. After bitterly cold early morning runs, the sun eventually came up again. We managed to complete the 160 mile trip in 23 hours 42mins finishing 7th out of 31 teams. IMG_5937 IMG_6055 IMG_6053 IMG_6040 IMG_6039 A huge thanks to the organisers and of course the team; you know who you are. Let’s see if we can improve next year ey. So as for my mileage; I’ve run 992km, burned 60,000 calories, sustained 2 run stopping injuries and I’m still 150km behind my targeted distance. These last few weeks have been hard going. Being out of action for 3 days with an IT band related knee injury has been incredibly frustrating… and running 35miles in the London to Cardiff has only made matters worse. My knee is swollen, sore, and I’m finding it very difficult to stay asleep. IMG_6054 The plan now is to take a hit to the mileage, rest up, and prep my knee and legs for the next race in just a weeks time. The London Bupa 10k. My knee has to be ready. Gear I’ve got some great new gear, such as these Jabra wireless ear phones that monitor my heart rate, track me trough GPS and of course plays music too. The ability to see my fitness improving through monitoring my heart rate is a big boost. Especially when the summer ends and I’ll be running in the cold mornings again. This will provide a little more incentive. Deficit So I’m 150km behind target with 225 days still to run. If I am to complete my challenge I need to sort this out quickly. An injury of more than a few weeks could spell disaster. So the plan is to run 20km per day for 2 weeks to catch up. I just need to time it right. I don’t want to ruin my legs the day before a marathon, so fitting this in is the tricky part. Upcoming Events My next race is Monday 25th May. The great London Bupa 10k. This is a huge event and a chance for me to shave some time off my PB. Despite currently finding hard to walk downstairs I am determined to make the start and also set a reasonable time. Under 38mins would be great, but under 40 is more likely. This will act as a training run for the Bristol 10k the week after. I am part of a 5 man team through the cooperate league. We have some heavy competition so I will need to be on form. On top of this, after the Bupa 10k on the 25th May I have the 2nd of 4 races as part of the Aztec West fast 5k series based in Bristol. So 26th May will see my very tired and potentially even more broken legs compete in the 2nd fast 5k of the summer season. £7 to enter plus 3 laps of a car park and estate doesn’t sound too fun but the pace is high so my times should improve. Track Training I’m running a lot this year, but in my mind there’s no point running if I’m not improving… and after the last few 10k events my top pace is maxing out. If I am to beat my 36min target for this year I will need to put the effort in. I have managed to find a great club here in Bristol to train once or twice a week. I’ve got some fancy new studded track shoes and my first session will start in a few weeks. Let’s see if some formal structured short distance speed work improves my pace. I’ll report back soon. IMG_5810 Trainers By next month I will have worn out yet another pair of trainers. My Garmin tracking shows I’ve run just over 400miles on my ‘new’ Saucony triumphs. I think a summer shoe is needed. After trying Salomon and now Saucony this year I’m looking for a different brand to take me to September. IMG_4007 A weekend in the Dales I couldn’t write this post without including the fantastic weekend I had in the Yorkshire Dales a couple of weeks ago. Great running and great company. No words need to be said… other than a big thank you to all involved. And an especial mention to Nicci and Andre. Thank you. Here are a few pics from the weekend. IMG_5649 IMG_5657 IMG_5749 Once again – thank you all for your donations and support this year. I am almost at half way. £4600 has been raised through your generosity. Please visit my just giving page and twitter to find out more. twitter just-giving-logo I hope to get back on track and post more regularly. Thanks for all the support folks. Oh plus take a look at these tasty healthy meals (big thanks to Claire for the great meals below) Top notch food. thanks.IMG_6059 IMG_5764