Today marks the end of a long and busy fortnight of weekend running in London. Amazing few weeks.


Last weekend I ran the London Hyde park 10k and finally managed to break the 38:52 mark setting a new PB of 38:08. I now have my sights set on a sub 36 10K by the end of the year. With more training and the introduction of track work every other week at my local running club I’ll soon be on for a good time.


The last few weeks has seen my 3000km take a knock or two with the distance suffering after coming back from skiing, followed by moving house and now today running the London Marathon.

As it stands I’m 116 days into my 365 day challenge. I’ve run 822km to date with just over 2177 still to run. As previously mentioned this means I am still a little way behind my target distance needed to finish on time. The deficit now stands at 131.29km behind. This is mostly down to skiing again, and the recovery that is naturally inevitable following such a week.

Over these next few weeks I also have a lot on but thankfully next weekend will be gentle and I can get in the miles. Summer will give me a boost and with some great running partners I’ll be back on track in no time. My entirely uncalculated and potentially unachievable target is to be ahead by June. Lets see if it’s possible.

SO now for the London Marathon news: firstly what a fantastic atmosphere and incredible support throughout the whole route. Thanks goes to supporters, marshal’s and all the medical staff.



A fantastically well organised event. As for my time… I was aiming for sub 3:05 to automatically qualify me for next years ‘Good for Age’ group and run with the elite. Unfortunately I went out too fast and was paying the price by about 16 miles. I ran the last 10 miles in pain with my legs spasming and cramping. This was a big contrast from the last marathon in Barcelona just a few months prior where I ran comfortably until about mile 25.


Either way I ran through the pain but my time suffered. I ran an average first half with the hope to smash the second but by that time my legs had hit the wall and were screaming at me to stop. I didn’t. I crossed the line with my watch saying 3:20:05. This happens to be the exact time I finished in Barcelona (to the second) but my official time was recorded as 3:25:01. A time I am ok with but under 3:20 would have at least been an improvement this year.



It is worth pointing out that however hard or however frustrating a run can be with nearly 500,000 supporters and such a positive energy around you it’s hard to not enjoy it. My addiction continues and you’ll see me take to the start line in just a few weeks time to run the Liverpool Marathon. Although I have various other event before the next major is Liverpool. Maybe that will be my day. I’ll say now I hope to achieve under 3:00 by the end of the year, if I don’t I’ll keep trying. I have a feeling I will though. Just need to push harder at the right time.




Over these next few weeks I have a key race – a team race. The London to Cardiff 160mile ‘Wolfpack’ running challenge. Myself and 7 other mad runners from work will be slipping our trainers on, getting out our compasses and navigating over a 24 hour race from London to Cardiff in relay.


Please visit and look out for our team doing pretty well. We hope. Our team name is Dasiy Dust…. And why not!

I’d like to thank those of you that have sponsored me over these last few months, I’m nearly half way in reaching my £10,000 target and it’s not even May yet. A special mention goes to those who have supported me, and sponsored me over the last few days with the Marathon. You know who you are. I am very grateful and very touched.

Although I clearly love running, and enjoy the events, raising money for VICTA, BHF and Cancer Research is a massive bonus for me. When the tiredness and soreness kicks in I’m now not just running for fun, I’m running to thank those who have supported but more importantly for those who can’t run!

Thank you.

If you would like to pledge some support and help me on my journey this year please visit or follow my progress via my twitter account