Day 103

Today I’ve returned home after my 3rd and final ski trip of the season. (Yes I’m incredibly lucky and even more grateful) It’s been a great trip as usual and even the weather was kind, with blue sky all week and highs of 16 degrees. T shirt weather with ice creams at 15000 feet.

My Challenge to run 3000km this year has taken a knock due to too much skiing basically. So as of today I’m 103 days run with 262 days still to run.

At the beginning of the year I knew I needed to run 9km per day in order to stay on track by the end of the year. With another 10 days out for skiing and a few days for resting I am now 136km behind my year to date targeted distance. My legs are very sore with my shins and quads taking a battering from 6 days of hard skiing. Completely worth it obviously but I have a lot to catch up on now. This break has left me needing to increase my daily running by about 100% to catch up quickly.

So here’s a few skiing photos from skiing before getting on to the running news.







Now I’ve updated you on my skiing antics it’s back to the serious stuff. Running! So I’ve come home with tired legs, a burnt face and a damaged left hamstring but I have no time to rest. It’s just 14 days till the London Marathon and just a week before the London Hyde Park 10k. So tomorrow morning I’ll be up early and back to training.

When I started this challenge to raise £10,000 for charity by running 3000km in just 12 months while working I underestimated the impact of taking a week off for a holiday. So over these next 2 weeks before London I will need to run 260km to catch up to my required distance. This should mean I hit 953km by 26th April. (London Marathon day).

You may have noticed that the list of race events has increased considerably, here are some of the key races I’ve now entered, in no particular order:

Istanbul Marathon on 15.11.15


Amsterdam Marathon on 18.10.15


Midnight Sun Run on 20.06.15

tromso LOGO

Silverstone’s Wings for Life World Run on 03.05.15


The Wings for Life run is a fantastic concept with over 33 countries taking part to compete to the last man standing. The basic set up see around 8000 people in each country starting one race at the same time, 30 minutes after the start a pace car follows, increasing it’s speed periodically. Once the car passes you, you are our of the race. The distance is unlimited with participants running as far as they can without the chase car passing them. There are winners in each country with the overall winning distance collecting a fantastic prize courtesy of red bull. The even is extra special because 100% of the race entry goes to charity.

A big thanks goes to all of those who have donated and support my journey.

If you want to follow my progress more closely please follow me on Twitter or alternatively visit my just giving page to donate. Every penny counts so please help support me reach my challenge. I still have 2297km to run this year.