I’ve ran 588.6km so far and my legs are feeling it, but Barcelona Marathon was a dream to run. Enjoyed every second of it. Bring on the rest.

Can you spot me? IMG_4531

I am now just 44.34km behind target with 2411.4km still to run. My mood has improved though, after a spell of sickness and the cold dark mornings, the early morning sun and the sun setting later gives me a huge boost.

Thanks to all those who have donated to my 3 charities I’m raising money for this year. 3000km running is more of a challenge that I first thought. Anyone can run 3000km, it’s just how quick. The sheer relentless running schedule is taking its toll. Still I must admit I’m loving every second, even the painful ones.


 Ahead of the marathon event I was still not back to full health after a course of antibiotics, and was anxious how I would hold up. That said I was still buzzing. I must mention how impressed I am with the organisation of the event. There was nearly 21000 people running in Barcelona and from the pre race expo to the post race massage everything ran very smoothly.


Value for money rating was exceptional. As you know I’ve entered plenty of races this year and for a marathon entry to cost £50 rivals some 10K events, but better still the expectation of receiving a medal and maybe some promotional paper based adverts was certainly exceeded. For £50 I got a race T-shirt, a goody bag including extra goodies, free pasta party the night before (including drink), plus a free 25 min massage post race. And on top of all of that the fuel stations were very regular and included, nuts, bananas, oranges, PowerAde, water, and GU energy gels. Very impressed.

IMG_4464 IMG_4356


So let’s talk times…

I completed Barcelona in 03:20:44, which on its own is nothing to shout about, however my main goal to run negative splits was more than met. I beat my half marathon PB by over 5 minutes and did so in the second half of the marathon. I ran 01:22:05 which was 40 minutes faster than the first half. I started at the back and just enjoyed the race, which was the plan, but I seemed to have more energy at mile 14 so upped the pace and never hit the wall. Lucky race. This does however set the bar high for future events. For London Marathon I’m hoping to run anything under 3:00:00 but we’ll see. I have twice as many people to run past because I’ll still be starting at the back of the grid.

IMG_4529 IMG_4528

Running aside the Expo on Saturday was incredible, all the great brands, plus it was extra special to see my new Saucony Triumphs taking prime position in the stands. (I say new but in fact my ‘new’ trainers have already hit the floor for 130miles.

As per my previous post regarding gear, I have been spoilt somewhat with the choice of clothing and gadgets. So much so that the bag I had intended to run with in Barcelona is slumped in the corner with its tag still attached. The Expo took hold of me and I bought a load of new treats including Buff running shorts, Nike running glasses, a pair of Ray Bans (for the summer sun that WILL arrive shortly), 2 new great Barcelona running tops, and last but not least a fantastic running belt.


Arch Max do socks too but this belt has been warn every single run since the day I bought it now. I would seriously recommend it. You know the feeling of your key or phone or gels rattling around in a bag, this belt comes with no fastening but is purely elastic and sits invisibly around your waste or hips. Fits an iphone 6 too.

On top of the experience and atmosphere of the race and its build up Barcelona is a great place and I visited some great spots.




Besides from Barcelona I have some important dates coming up and I think I’m falling deeper into the world of a running addict. I have now signed up to another 2 marathons this year, with my eye on a few more. June 20th will see me stretch my legs in the Amsterdam Marathon. It has to be flat. Later in the year the next increase to the race calendar is Norway’s famous mid night sun marathon, with the race starting at 20:30 running through the ever light skies. I will be publishing a new race calendar when I get some time so keep an eye. I have genuinely lost count.




This coming weekend I am yet again running in an event. This time down in Devon. The Exeter Age UK 10K. Only about 800 runners but promises to be a fast race with a net downhill. Let’s see if I can finally beat my 10km PB of 38:52. I am on form but sore. I have the extra incentive that only 1st, 2nd and 3rd get medals.


Please donate just a small amount to this charity – it’s not on my list to raise money for this year however they do great work so please support where you can.


Once again this year is 365’s long as most tend to be, and I’m only 77 days in so please help support me. In fact don’t support me, support the charities, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research, and VICTA. These charities need all the money they can get to help save lives and improve those struggling.

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In the next few weeks I will blogging about my gear and providing some detailed review for any of you that are looking to invest in the world of running. I’ll also be posting a photo gallery of just gear with ratings. If you’d like to see anything specific please just drop me a note.

Up coming events – there are a lot but the London Marathon is the next big one. 26th April. Anyone else running?


Keep track of my progress via twitter and take a look at my just giving page for more updates and to donate.

Your help is very much appreciated.



Thank You