Day 72

My 3000km challenge is going well. I’ve ran 519.64km so far, which means I am 72.2km behind my target to keep me on top of the distance by the end of the year. Despite this I’m feeling good. I have needed to recover from my Stomach and Chest infection (I know, unlucky right). So with that in mind my running vibes are improving as I get rid of the cold and the sun starts to appear slightly earlier in the mornings. I run home in the light too now, which just makes me more excited for the summer. That 72km deficit will disappear pretty soon.


I’ve spent the last few morning really enjoying the sun on my face running into work awaiting the first full marathon of the year. Even though I know I’m behind the distance, I’ll catch it up easy and on day 74 of the challenge, in just 2 days, I’ll cross off another 42km

So here I am writing this blog update in a gorgeous hotel in central Barcelona, under a mile from the start line of the Barcelona Marathon.



I’ve been exploring today. Left Gatwick in the early hours of this morning, a beautiful sunset and no hick ups at the airport (which is always a worry). So arriving in Barcelona and making my way to collect my race bib I was welcomed to a huge expo of running gear, nutrition, and just fellow friendly runners. There are 20,000 runners supposed to be running Sunday, so some new kit will help me stand out.



The wonders of duty free meant I got on the plane with 2 great new pairs of glasses. RayBans for the chilling times and to get me in the mood for summer, but also some sharp freshly released Nike running glasses. Of course endorsed my Mo Farah so how could I say no. After a morning of meandering through the streets of running stands I dropped my bags at the hotel. New Buff running shorts, 2 new Barcelona running tops, and what feels like the best running belt I’ve come across. Lets see how it works out tomorrow.


A trip to the Bristol Tri Shop yesterday caused my wallet to be £70 lighter after an impulse buy of a new light weight 1.5L ultra bag, the plan was to wear it this weekend, but it may have to wait to get its debut because this new gear from todays expo is getting me excited for Sunday.


I’ll of course be reviewing all the new products I’ve got and pics will also appear soon. I can’t go any further without mentioning a huge thank you to Mereo Performance who have very kindly provided some kit for me so far this year. I’ll be taking a top tomorrow to show it off.

Sunday evening I’ll spend the flight back blogging about my new medal and the great race day it will be I’m sure.

Some exploring of the fantastic foods in Barcelona Market



Despite the fun going on here, and my absolute love for running, the 3000km is tough and has already made me ill so please remember why I’m doing this.


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Thank you for all the support and please spread the word. If you want to get involved and run a few km with me just drop me a line.