Day 60 – 2 months Complete. 3000km Challenge

Featuring ‘The weekend I broke all the rules and paid the price’

Distance Run:              449km

Still to run:                   2551km

Calories Burned:         35000

Calories Consumed:    Not Enough

Health:                         5/10

Donations:                   £4120

Days still to run:          305

Calories still to burn:    200,000

Garmin Race Your Pace Medal

At the beginning of the year, just 60 days ago, my challenge of completing 3000km running was exciting and seemed well within reach. Now however, things have changed, yes it’s still majorly exciting to turn up to events and come away with medals week after week, but… these last few weeks have tough beyond belief. I’ve had flu, I’ve been behind on my targeted distance and now my running is making me sick, to the point that I had to miss an event on Sunday. (This event was a late addition to the race calendar so it could be worse)

So 2 months down and I’m ill, I’m 44.2 kilometres behind target having run exactly 449km so far. Still feels a great achievement but I have the thought that it is only going to get harder. Every week and every day that goes by I have more miles to cover and the ever-looming Marathon des Sable next year is playing games with my head. If I’m struggling to stay well over a distance of 450km in 2 months, running 250km in just 5 days, in the desert, carrying everything, is still beyond comprehension. Gary – hat off to you!

I have 2551km still to run. Despite my moans about the pathetic cold and tummy bug I still adore running so this is all part of the journey. Let me tell you about my weekend where I broke all the running rules…

The weekend I broke all the rules and paid the price. 

Rule 1 – Get plenty of rest before a race

Rule 2 – Eat plenty of carbs before a run

Rule 3 – If you’re sick, don’t run, wait to recover

Rule 4 – Don’t book back-to-back races without realising

Rule 5 – Make sure you are signed up to the right race

Rule 6 – Don’t try to be a hero

Rule 7 – Check the weather forecast

Rule 8 – Don’t wear new trainers on a big race day

As you can see I made some fundamental errors that I won’t be repeating.

The weekend of 28th Feb was my 2 half marathon events, Saturday – Garmin Race Your Pace half in Eton Dorney with the plan to run the Bath Half on the 1st March (forgetting that February only had 28 days) Error and rule 4 broken! So this meant the following day another half marathon.

In the lead up to these events I had been running to catch up the 50km deficit from the skiing break a few weeks before. This made me sick, man flu had hit me hard but I continued regardless, which I shouldn’t have. Rule 3 gone too. So the day before my race in Eton I was throwing up at 4 in the morning when I had to leave at 6 to make the start line on time. So rule 1 broken, and subsequently rule 2 went out the window as I couldn’t eat.

Arriving at the event feeling incredibly rough I was told that I wasn’t signed up to the event. So after crawling out of the bathroom the night before I didn’t actually need to run at all, because I wasn’t on the list. As I had made the effort I may as well enter anyway so I did. Rule 5 broken.


So rule 6, not being a hero, In preparation for MDS next year I’ve been running with weight (around 12kg) to prepare my body, and specifically my back. So the plan was always to run these events with the weight too, so I tried, this was a huge mistake, feeling sick, running with just under 10kg for 13 miles is not hero like. Stupid like! And rules 7 and 8 were also broken as I wore my amazing new Saucony Triumphs but they were not warn in at all, So blisters have appeared plus I’ve said goodbye to a few toe nails. Oh and the weather, this was not what I had planned… Eton Dorney lake is a lovely location, but turning up in rain and strong wind it felt like entering Mordor. For the record I achieved a personal worst time of 2:01:47 – about 30 mins behind PB.

Well done to all those at Bath Half on Sunday, shame I wasn’t there.

So in all I ran Eton Dorney and then pretty much shivered for the 2 hour drive home, slept for a day and now still feel ill and exhausted. And I now have 5 days before my next race… back at Eton Dorney. This is however only a 10km so I’m hoping to rest up and get back on form towards the end of the week and smash my PB. Fingers crossed. Let’s hope I’ve learnt my lesson.



Despite my terrible couple of weeks – the next few should be amazing. Run Eton on the 7th March followed by Barcelona Marathon on 15th March. Hotel is all booked, flights sorted and can’t wait to get stuck in again.

I’ll be reviewing my trainers soon once they’ve had a few more miles.

I’m not putting myself through this just for fun, although I am enjoying it. So please help support my 3000km journey which I’ll be finishing a week before Christmas. Or that’s the plan. So please donate just a little at Just Giving. And keep track of my daily updates on Twitter.



Thank you to all those who are supporting me… especially my clothing sponsor Mereo Performance. Check them out.