Day 46 Diary Update

Today I returned home after an incredible week skiing but now I have lots of running to catch up with.
me para ski
Although I did manage a run while I was out there my legs and my mind was too tired to keep on top of the miles. The week leading up to skiing I managed to get well ahead of my target distance by about 40km.
Even with that head start I now have 41.74km to cover to get back to form and on track.
So now it’s Day 46 of my 3000km challenge I should have completed 378.12km running but have only covered 336.30km.
This week is going to be another tough one! 41.74 kilometers to cover plus my usual daily target. It is all worth it because skiing is incredible and there’s nothing like it, but honestly now I’m looking forward to getting back to routine and in training for my next office event of my 2015 3000km challenge race calendar: Eton Dorney pays host to the Garmin Race your Pace run where I’ll be trying out my new Mereo Performance clothing.
download (1) pic21
My week of altitude training and my office treat week 2 of the year was made a little more interesting by setting myself the challenge of visiting and photographing every life in the 3 valleys. There are 159 in total and I managed 148, just 11 short of a full house.
Although I didn’t manage all the lifts I did play around with the GoPro in the mountains  and got some great shots!
IMG_3672 IMG_3755 IMG_3906
The go pro vids were amazing and I’ve edited and uploaded a few to my you tube channel but for now here is an snap shot from one of the clips!
gopro-hero3 IMG_3673
A day playing around ParaSkiing was so much fun too. Also thinking of taking up paragliding off the snow. Anyone who haven’t tried it, you should! Amazing rush and the views are to more than worth it.
IMG_3675 IMG_3676 IMG_3754
If anyone wants to join me for more running events throughout the year just drop me a message – always good to find new enthusiastic people to run with.
Please remember that this week has been fun but my year long challenge continues and I have over 300 days still to run, countless events and marathons to complete in with over 2700km to cover. I’m doing this to raise some cash for 3 great charities.
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