Day 35 – This means it’s review day.

My Journey to successfully complete 3000km this year will take me all over the world, I’ll  meet fantastic people, I’ll have some great memories, but I’ll also have the chance to try loads of different running apparel; trainers, clothing, health aids, etc.

Each month I will be reviewing a number of different items that I’ve used along the road to completing my 3000km challenge.

The first month, January:

Review of my Salomon Speed Cross 3 Trail Trainers.

I’ve run around 650 miles in this pair and they don’t look too bad. R.I.P Salomon Trainers: I’m on the market for a new pair – a few more weeks left in them while I find a suitable replacement… or replacments


Look & Feel: 7.9/10 Firstly the design, shape and style of the trainer is fantastic. The reflective diagonal design stripes down the both sides not only holds the ingenuous laces but give the shoe a great look. They do however let themselves down by not providing a waterproofing. Slight splashes will seep through and cause the foot to get heavier. Although they are very easy to clean.

Comfort: 9/10 The cushioning of the Salomon range is unique, It’s very well supported towards the heel with the tongue of the show smooth over the arch of the ankle so not to cause rubbing. A very Comfy shoe indeed.

IMG_2837 IMG_2834

Ease of use: 8.1/10 The laces; the clever draw string laces means that getting ready for a run is so much quicker. Obviously It’s important to have your trainers tight and comfortable. The less time bending over to do your laces up tight enough the more time running. I will also mention however than once the laces are pulled tight there is a lot of material that flaps about and can get annoying on long runs. This can be avoided though – Tucking the strap through the top look by the tongue keeps it stable and it’s not flapping around.

Stability/Support: 7.1/10 The ankle support is strong even though the shoe is quite high off the ground. When running through mud, trail tracks, grass etc the stubbled underside helps grip immensely – However due to the reduced surface area of the bottom of the shoe you need to be careful when running on wet roads. Although the water is displaced the trainers to tend to be very slippy. Having said that I run off and on road with them and I’ve not fallen completely. just a stumble.

IMG_2833 IMG_2835

Value for Money: I bought these trainers for £95 reduced from £110. The comfort factor is certainly worth the money. I have had trainers last much longer though. The semi soft rubber degrades quickly but holds out for at least 400 miles before it is noticeable. Out of all the fad shoe designs out there – this pair really have had some great thought behind it. Well done Salomon.

Wear & Tear: Partly due to 80% road running the trainers have naturally soften and worn down on the outside edges. This is obviously due to my poor running style – either way there is slight cracking around the heel but no frayed fabric. They wash easily by hand and are strong enough to withstand a good bashing together before scraping all the mud off.

IMG_2831 IMG_2832

Overall 9.5/10 – I would buy these shoes again and again.

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Some other photos from today:

My rocket and parmesan supper, the fantastic view of Wills Bristol University Building on my run home, and my gym snapshot from earlier this morning. Medicine ball fun.



Here is a short video of the Start Line – London Winter Run 2015 – Race 1 of my 3000km challenge

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