Day 34 & just over 1 month into my 3000km challenge. I am 42.57km ahead of my target having run 322.05km but have a long way to go. I’m pleased but also mindful to remain injury free, especially as I have another ski trip coming up and want to be at least 60km ahead of my target before leaving. Sore running legs, icy roads and sore ski legs means I’ll have to try extra hard. The support is great and I can’t get enough of it.

If you or someone you know would like to run with me for a day or a specific event please get in contact.

I’d like to say a big thank you to all of those people and companies that have supported me throughout this first month. And a special mention to all of you that have donated. I can’t say how grateful and thankful I am. When i reach my target at the end of the year and i can say we’ve raised at least £10,000 will be a fantastic feeling. Below is a snapshot of Month 1 January.


The London Winter Run –

My first event of the year for Cancer Research. It was a gentle start to the year so I could build up my pace – now though, the training and events are more frequent and the 100km ultra in September is looming over me. Can’t wait really.

My first 10k of the year and i was hoping for PB time of anything less than 38mins, unfortuntly i ran 39:38 on sore and tied legs. I met some great people and the atmosphere was incredible. Fitness First did a fun warm up and i managed to meet 2014 European gold medalist Jo Pavey at the start. (

Here are some of the photos from a fantastic day:

IMG_2770IMG_2724    IMG_2662


Support & Sponsorship from some big names:

Today I received some fantastic offers from companies that would like to support my challenge, my journey this year and the charities that i’m representing.

Adidas have agreed to provide some support after seeing my posts on twitter; I’ll be speaking with them shortly. You may notice that i’m a big Adidas fan and most of my running tops are theirs. So i look forward to speaking with Adidas and see what they can offer me.


A fantastic company called Mereo Performance have been incredibly kind and also after seeing a twitter post have provided some top quality clothing from their new range. Mereo boast exceptional innovation with anti odour fitness clothing so I look forward to reviewing your products soon. Thank You Mereo. If you get a chance to check them out please visit


Finally but my no means least Nutrifiz have been exceptionally kind and have sent me a supply of their fantastic Nutrifiz nourishment tablets. They provide world’s first effervescent wheatgrass tablet, each daily dose packs a power punch of nourishment. I can’t wait to try these out. I’ve heard some great things. Thank you Nurtifiz – I will be reviewing your product so watch out for a few tweets here and there and a full length report on this blog.

Checkout their site:


I will be blogging more frequently over the next few weeks showing my upcoming ski trip, reviewing these great products – and I am also on the hunt for some new trainers. Mine are now in need of replacement.

Thank you to all my twitter followers who’s supported me – thanks to those who read and follow my blog, and all those who have donated. I look forward to the next 330 days of running, blogging, meeting great new companies and people, and most of all , raising a shed load of cash for British Heart Foundation, VICTA, and Cancer Research.

Please visit Twitter for more details or donate via just giving. THANK YOU.