Day 29

I’m over the 250km mark – and only about 2750km to go. My legs are sore but holding out. Thanks to all those that follow my journey it’s a great support. The dark and rainy mornings to make it that extra little bit more tough. I’ve run about 70km so far this week and still have Friday and then my first even of the year to come. #getoutandrun


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I’m super excited to be running the London Winter 10km for cancer research. I’m hoping for a PB but I’m not sure I’ll manage it with my legs as tired as they are. We will soon see.

If anyone is in London over the weekend feel free to drop me a comment – i’ll be looking for a running partner for Saturday as a warm up.

I’ve also been maintaining my vigorous core workout in the gym every day and keeping up with my healthy diet ish

IMG_2378 IMG_2178.

My average day this week:

05:00 – Alarm

05:30 – Run

07:00 – Stretch

08:00 – Eat (eat like a King)

12:00 – Gym

17:00 – Run

19:00 – Stretch

21:30 – Sleep

I’ll be posting a day in the life later next month and go through exactly what exercise I do.

The climbing sessions i’ve had this week have been less intense but my legs are chest are sore as anything.

IMG_2369 IMG_2386

Hannah Bryan is doing an interview with me next week so should be fun.

Please remember to keep donating and supporting me. I have a long way to go but with your support we will get there.

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Thank you twitter followers! @runatthefront – great support

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