Day 23 – 154.92km

I’ve named today zero day; I lost my Garmin charger last night. Looked high and low for it with no luck. I started the year wanting to track every meter I do on my watch so i’d have evidence of my accomplishment at the end of it. (plus the Garmin Connect reports look pretty cool) So now today running with a dead watch meant I couldn’t count the 8 miles I did. Despite not counting the miles, the coldest morning of the year was beautiful.


My plan is to spend the weekend making up the deficit to date – it will be tough though as I’ll have 50.58km to run by Sunday evening.

I had a great core workout for my midday session today followed by My Protein shake and then my favorite Granola with extra raisins for a pre dinner snack.

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IMG_2173 IMG_2178

I have however made a new hour chart for the next 3 weeks as a trial. It includes all my running, swimming, yoga and climbing session and what times I need to sleep.

Thanks again for supporting my journey – check my twitter out too @runatthefront


My just giving page welcomes donations – i hope to raise £10,000 for Bristih Heart Foundation, VICTA and Cancer Research. Thank you.