I got home to find 2 glowing packages in the letter box. My London Winter Run race pack and race number, plus my Bath Half pack. Absolutely can’t wait for London Winter Run – I’m sure it will be a laugh and lets see if I set a new 2015 PB. Once I finish winter run on 1st Feb i should be at a minimum of 260km – #Excited

IMG_2153  IMG_2152

Day 22

Early morning run was tough this morning – a solid 16km today so catching up on the deficit but still got a fair way to go.

2 climbing session this week and a bouldering comp tonight was so much fun, my legs had a rest and now my fingers are experiencing the burn. A total of 17 points tonight in a 2.5 hour climb – it must be a record for the worst result but enjoyed every second of it. Roll on next sesh.

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An early start this morning, up at 5:30 for a gentle 10km, followed by another hectic day at work, then running home, shower and change for climbing comp followed by a lovely double salmon meal to finish the day. 05:30 start and asleep by mid night – well that’s the plan.

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