The last 3 days have been hectic and I’ve been putting in the distance so today was going to be a slow short run but turned into run, work, run, climb, blog!

Day 21 – I’ve only ran a short distance into work, eggs for brekki as always, then a day at the office and then  home again but my legs are feeling better for it – short day, healthy ish food (except the cream egg).


Climbing for 2 hours has certainly woken my core up though. I’ve been keeping a track of my chinup count this year as part of my core training and tonight was a shambles – not even worth counting. Was a great few hours though, some speed climbing work which was tiring but fun – please with 9.65seconds and then some blindfolded work – amazing how you don’t fully appreciate your sight… (hence supporting VICTA on my quest to run 3000km this year)

IMG_2128 IMG_2127

My first monthly update of the 3000km challenge come at the end of the month and as it stands i’m still a little behind target. By the end of the week I’m determined to get to the desired 205.5km as per my plan and breaking the 7 marathon mark,

A big thank you to @53Marathons:53Days on twitter – an amazing achievement but has also given me some great advice. Thanks.

I’m also looking into nice hotels for my first official marathon of the year – Barcelona Marathon 15th March! I hope i find one that I can’t walk back to without falling over.

Oh and as per my new twitter account – my trainers have served me well over the last few months – but they are worn and I’m on the search for a new road shoe… any ideas anyone?


If you haven’t visited my just giving page it has loads of details about how to support me and the great causes I’m running for.