St Martin de Belleville and The 3 Valleys have lived up to expectations as usual. A fantastic week covering 404km skiing from the highest point to the lowest point with a top speed of 101km. This was mostly powered by an incredible cooked breakfasts each morning. Very sad to be leaving the snow behind but bring on trip 2.

Day 1 – After bumping into Olympic medalist and gymnast Beth Tweddle in Genvea airport i arrived in resort hopeful. However day 1 saw cloud, snow and poor visibility in the morning which was a rubbish start but the sun came through in the afternoon and the views were amazing. 6 hours skiing – 82km top speed and just over 55km skied
Day 2 – Blue sky’s, warm sun, cloudless. A fantastic long day with 118km skied and a top speed of 92km
Day 3 – High winds, a heavy dump of powder up top and a tiring slog to wade through with slalom skis from La Masse and brochette.
FullSizeRender (26)
Day 4 – Blue sky and warm sun. The views were incredible as the cloud lifted even further showing Mont Blanc in all its glory. Over 75km skied today with Nic and Chris (you know who you are) thanks guys!
Day 5 – Lower Cloud and even greater winds – the 3 valley connections were closed off from the afternoon but still managed a solid 65km.

Day 6 – The final day. Needed to break the 100km barrier. After finding a few quiet steep areas I found a 38 degree slope and the perfect conditions to try – I successfully and safely hit 101km on the last day with a 2km schuss which was rather heavy on the knees.

St Martin de Belleville

…is a small village located in the menuires valley set into the mountain at 1400m – any beginners or bargain hunters out there – a trip from London via the ski shuttle (24 hour coach) will deliver you to the resort door and cost around £100 return. Couple this with a cosy stay in the Alp Hotel (including 4 course top quality meals every night) plus 3 valleys lift pass should set you back around £900. If skis and boots are needed an all in cost of £1100 is a perfect way to spend your winter holiday. Love it!

A fantastic week but back to work and reality now – and my week means catching up on running – and a lot of it.

Day 17 of my 3000km challenge – I am 53.74km behind my required baseline. My quads are sore from a hard week of skiing and with just over 2 weeks before my first event in the London Winter 10K it will be a hard slog to regain my muscle memory and get back on top of my required distance. I start tomorrow!

Please help me reach my goal and continue to support the great charities as i run towards the 3000km mark by the end of the year.

Please visit my justgiving page for more details. Thanks again