Running is a no-go this week… but skiing on the other hand…

Other than having a dramatic negative effect on my running goals the first 2 days of mountain life is as expected – tiring, weather dependent and fantastic. There’s no way I can run in the conditions without proper spiked footwear so I’m here to enjoy the next week and live with the huge running deficit of c60km


Day 1 snow was poor, visibility bad and my mood not great. Not a good start but a matter of hours later though and a flurry of snow overnight left a fantastic first full days skiing, covering 50km descending and a top speed of 82 was a nice gentle start.

My quads aren’t use to quite so much flexing and my knees are just about holding out. My shins on the other hand have, as always taken a battering. The hard race boot fit coupled with particularly pointy shins often causes 4 inches of skin to pull away from the bone and leave my boots somewhat soiled and my legs in agony for the next day. I have since learnt my lesson and now ski with calf protectors and medical tape. Let’s hope it holds out.

FullSizeRender (25)  IMG_1824

My roller is still in full use, carb drink ‘maxifuel viper boost’ keeps my liquids topped up through the day and my protein shakes help to prevent next day soreness.

I’d recommend maxifuel viper boost to any runners or skiers out there the caffeine content is spot on and acts fast but doesn’t leave you feeling the downer afterwards – My new Evoc FR Pro Team daypack holds a 3L bladder with bite valve , which filled with 150g carbohydrate there’s no need to stop for lunch –but you may need to stop for a wee.

Daypack link if you’re interested:

Hydration Bladder:

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As it’s too icy to run in the evening I’ve been exploring with the GoPro editing suite – I’m impressed. The ease of use and the simple and effective 3 step process to upload, edit and convert your footage allows no time to be wasted; having said that I’ve spent 3 hours tonight playing around with it. I’ll be uploading a final week of skiing when the times right… so watch out for my GoPro studio skills and don’t forget to keep my motivation high and donate to support British Heart Foundation, VICTA and Cancer Research. I’m only 86km in to my 3000km running challenge so I’ll need all the support I can get. Bring on Barcelona Marathon – 15th March.

Please continue to help support these great causes and donate just a few pounds to help save lives.


Here are a few pics from my week off running and my week firmly ON skiing.

IMG_1841 IMG_1839 IMG_1838 IMG_1840

Thanks for supporting my challenge everyone