Since being in the Alps for the past 2 days my running has suffered and I fear my ambition to stay on top of the daily target distance of 8.22km is simply not possible. Running on ice has already caused a mishap and a swollen wrist on day 1. Without spiked snow shoes I don’t stand a chance and such I am coming to terms with knowing I will go home after a week skiing and be 57.54km behind my target.

With a week of ski legs and a predicted deficit of c60km I’ll be in pain for the next few weeks trying hard to get back on top of the distance. Still all part of the challenge. I must admit when I set out to do 3000km in 365 days whilst still living a ‘normal’ life, going to work, going on holidays I didn’t think it would be quite as tough to keep target distance in sight… but it is.

8.22km every day for 365 days with the equivalent value of 70 marathons in 12 months is hard going.

Last week as a pre-holiday treat I had Chinese takeaway for dinner and this was the content of my fortune cookie… rather apt don’t you think?

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