Day 10 – current total is exactly 86 Kilometers which means I’m now only  3.2km ahead of target distance. This will drop considerably too due to the joys of skiing for a week. I figure if I can keep up with 5km per day for the next week I’ll fall behind by around 22km so a nice half marathon when I return will quickly get me back on track. That’s the plan anyway. Remember – marathon not a sprint.

As I’m writing this I’m on board the flight to Geneva from Bournemouth. I have a ‘comfy’ looking chap to my left who is now asleep resting on my shoulder, plus an over excited group of lads to my right, boasting and firing off impossible anecdotes to one another in an understandably excitable mood. I do however have the funny site of the rather plump, gum chewing air hostess to keep me entertained as she waddles down the aisle.

I’ve managed to work my way through the first half of the official London Marathon magazine, ‘Marathon News’ which is well worth a read. For any new runners out there there’s a great piece on pre and post stretches that support running technique plus a decent piece on fitness plan – some great suggestions. All this sitting around is particularly frustrating though as I’m on a rest day – so I’m eager to get on the slopes as soon as poss

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And as you can see I’m all set with both types of foot wear for this week. Up early tomorrow to get the kilometers in – lets see how I cope training at altitude. Not great I’d imagine. And then you can see the other not quite so worn boots to spend the rest of the day bombing around the mountains. – Oh and not forgetting my new Evoc FR PRO TEAM 20L Ski bag which I’ll be reviewing later in the week. Hopefully I’ll have plenty of vids tomorrow too. Let it SNOW.
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