FullSizeRender (16)Day 8 is a significant day for me and the challenge; my current distance stands at 79.08km which means I am ahead of my daily average goals of 8.22km per day by 13.32km. In order to successfully complete the challenge I need to average 8.22km per day…every day… however tomorrow I am off on a weeks skiing and such my running will fall behind target due to the nature of skiing intensely for 7 days. I’ll run a further 8km ish tomorrow and then aim for just over 6km to ensure I stay on track by the time I come back. I fear this may prove difficult – my legs will be screaming out for a rest after 6 hour days on the slopes and my thighs taking a battering.

The running will be taking a back seat next week and In preparation I’ve been raiding my coin bowel for Euro change.


Here’s a photo I took last year which I’ve been waiting to get back to. This year I come ‘Go Pro’ prepared and will no doubt be posting my vids later next week. I’m excited yet a little sore and my legs will hurt… a lot

I’ll let you know how I get on with a week skiing and keeping on top of my challenge.

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