3000 KM Challenge (3KC) is underway!

Day 2 – Total Kilometers Run 17.17 – Weight 10st 3lb

I’m just under a kilometer ahead of targeted distance per day. In order to keep on track and hit my 3000K challenge by December 31st 2015 I will need to run 8.22 km every day for 365 days. Naturally my body will need a rest so there will be plenty of days when i need to be around 27 km ahead so I can take 3 days rest. The marathon events and smaller half events will help me build km to allow for rest days – but of course I’ll need extra rest after longer endurance races.

After 4 weeks of back pain, recovering from a damaged piriformus it was hard going. Running for the first time at a decent pace was like running as a beginner again. Legs calling out for a rest, chest tightening and simply not feeling it after a frustrating Christmas break. I have just under 2.5 months to prepare for the Barcelona Marathon and stop feeling like a newbie running.

Next Race – London Winter Run February 1st.

Thanks to those who have supported me so far. I’m still at 40% of target and we have 364 days remaining to hit the £10,000 charity target. Remember I’m raising running for British Heart Foundation, VICTA and Cancer Research.

Please follow the link below to donate via just giving. THANK YOU.


My shoes are already wearing down – these are next on the list for a perfect training shoe.