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Thank you for considering to sponsor me. Everything i am raising money for at the moment is all centred around my 2018 world record trip. Running the world.

What’s Running the World?

I’m running a marathon in every country in the world. My aim is to raise £250,000 for Prostate Cancer UK. It will take me 18 months to travel to all 196 countries, spending about 2.5 days per country. There will be war zones, the heat of the Sahara and the extreme cold of Antartica. I will live simply, camping and sleeping in peoples homes.

Can you accommodate me?

If you live on earth and are free when i’m coming to your country you may be able to help. Please don’t be shy. If you’re interested in putting me for the night you can share stories about your country culture, attractions and best of all you can even run with me if you like.

Run With Nick

Before i leave, hopefully well before i leave, i’ll be posting a list of all the cities and airports i’ll be landing in. If you are in the right place at the right time and want to run with me, or even make a special trip to come and see and support me please let me know.

How to contact Nick

Drop me an email to or phone me on 07754 328 355 or have a look online at the website at

Why is Nick raising money for Prostate Cancer

I met a guy called Kevin. That’s the simple answer. The longer answer involves the Sahara Desert and 7 sweaty days. It’s not as strange as it sounds. We ran a race called the Marathon des Sables together. 7 marathons in 6 days across the hottest landscape on earth. He and i got to know each other. He later told me that he had terminal prostate cancer. He will die too young and too soon. He is a truly amazing man, his attitude towards life is full on, positive and blows me away. I am trying to raise £250,000 for Prostate Cancer so more people are aware.

How to follow Nick?

You can see where i am online. I am carrying a gps tracker with me for the whole trip. You’ll be able to see where i am all the time. Every marathon i run will be posted online through my website. I’ll be posting twitter comments videos and photos throughout the trip. My twitter nam is @runatthefront and my instgram name is @manofsport.

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Round up of 2016 and the Future

December & 2016 Round Up – A look ahead to 2017 and 2018

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Talk about cramming a lot in. 29 Races, 21 medals, 3268 Miles Completed I had the pleasure of experiencing the pain, suffering and heat of the infamous Marathon des Sables in the Sahara Desert. Not to mention the little point of taking on a world record. In July last year I attempted to break the world record for running the length of Ireland. 345 miles in 3 days. Sadly it wasn’t to be. I was taken down by the rain and cold. I caught Pneumonia and made the decision to stop. Needless to say I’m going back in just 6 months time to try again. Obviously.

Last year was an incredible year. Covering over 5000 kilometres means i went through quite a few pairs of trainers. 15 to be precise. Thanks to Pro Direct Running, Adidas and Nike for the support.

The year wasn’t just about mileage, well it was at the beginning. A simple goal of getting all the miles in when i could while holding down a job and a normal(ish) life. This was the plan to get me to glory in Ireland. Clearly didn’t work. But i’ve learnt a few things.

I’ve learnt that running for 40 miles with a broken ankle in 50 degree heat in the hottest place on earth, after completing 4 marathons… hurts, a lot. You can read all about this at


As the year progressed, increasing the miles and finding new amazing places all over the world to run the focus quickly shifted from personal goals to a sense of community. I met a couple in Athens that, after chatting for just a few minutes were so keen to chat more about running, invited me to visit later in the year. We exchanged details. I was then surrounded by family and friends as i took on my first World Record attempt… and it didn’t stop there. I was expecting fantastic support from the crew and all my usual supporters but didn’t anticipate the lovely heart felt messages i received from fans during and after the attempt. It was special.

It’s only right that I thank you all by making you do it all over again this year. July 18th, let’s see if this is my time.

Other than races and world records, i was enjoying the gentle, long runs with running buddies around my home town of Bristol, and trips to Paris just to do a quick 20k. Followed by wine and cheese… obviously. Thanks guys.

Looking back i had fond memories of the training i did to progress a few PB’s by just a couple of seconds, get me through the Sahara, and boost my training for this year. But i think the highlight was meeting 7 special people in Morocco. Rory, Jeff, Kev, Selina, Chris, Rich and Phil and I all spent time together under the scorching sun light of the Sahara Desert. Words can’t really describe it really… well i tried. Please read the post at for the full highlights and even a video

You can read more stats about me, my PB’s and races for all of last year at my website too. I can tell you though that I completed over 5.5 million steps.


Anyone that reads this blog often will know that i like my photography. And last year hasn’t disappointed. So many extraordinary places, people and sites.


In December it was rounded off by a huge trip to Canada. For a wedding initially, but you can’t go all the way to Canada just for a wedding, it’s only right to get a bit of skiing and exploring in too. All those involved in the Canada trip, you know who you are. Thank you. A million times thank you. It was truly amazing. What a way to round off a year.

Here’s some photos of Canada.


2017 Goals

Now into 2017 the goals for this year are simple…

Get the world record. What ever it takes. Train harder, make sure i’m well and get the record.

Besides from the record I have a few key goals,
1, to run 5000 miles this year.
2, to climb another big summit.
3, to tick off at least 2 more of the 12 ultra runs in the World Ultra Series. Australia is in May.
4, compete in at least 30 events, this will ensure i meet some great people again, increase my training and i’ll get to see some lovely places.


Running The World

There’s something which hasn’t been mentioned yet, and that’s talk about next year. 2018. I am taking a break from work, from life, from family, from everything except running.

In January of 2018 i am setting off on a huge trip around the world to set the world record for running a marathon in every country in the world. Yes all 196 countries in the world.

This trip will take me 550 days, covering all 7 continents, battle the cold of Antartica, the heat of Africa and the logistical nightmare that is the visa system.


Go Fund Me


My aim is to raise £250,000 for Prostate Cancer UK. This is important and is the number 1 goal for next year. Read about why i’m raising for Prostate Cancer here.
I’ll be posting more regularly this year as the momentum towards next year builds. Please get involved via Facebook, twitter, instagram and my website.

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If you’re around next year and want to join me on my adventure please drop me a note.

Oh you may also want to keep an eye out on tele for a few interviews coming up and a few articles in magazines, like Wanderlust.

Happy Running.


October and November: Paris, Bangkok, Scotland, The Lakes, 24 Hours on a Treadmill, The OMM, and 730 miles later…

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This will be my penultimate post of the year; I’m excited to look at the end of year stats, milage, race count etc etc, but that will come in Decembers post between Christmas and New year. I’ll just have to be patient.

The past 8 weeks have been so much fun, and at times pretty horrendous too. It is certainly a tale of highs and lows… plus vomit, lost bags, missed races, new races, and exhaustion.


Let’s first point out that November 1st signified week 1 of my 37 week programme to get me fit, ready and over prepared for my World Record Attempt next July; i’ll be heading back to Northern Ireland’s rainy coast to start the 3 day 350 mile journey to Mizen Head on 18th July. Leading up to November however wasn’t all ‘feet up’ and chill though. The last 4 races of the year were ahead of me and I wanted to give it my best.

So October… The 10th month of the year and strangely my first race in France. Note to self… do more races in France.


I heard a friend was running a 20k event in Paris, adptly named the Paris 20k, a race distance i’ve never really ran, be it 1000 meters short of a half it almost seems silly. It certainly wasn’t on the wish list but a quick check of the calendar showed i was free that weekend, so how could i turn down a little jog around the capital with friends. (I later realised I wasn’t in fact free and had double booked, my neat organised calendar system was failing me somehow)


Anyway, after inviting myself along, together with another friend, Mike, we hopped on our respective method of transport and had 2 fun days in Paris. The race though was a little strange… possibly the most poorly organised race I’ve come across. Never mind though, a cartoon medal, and a good catch up. A worth while trip plus i managed a 01:19 half Here’s some pics.



Just a week after Paris I had a 200km race. The Sandstone Way Ultra. This race offers runners an opportunity to run this 120 mile semi marked trail. The Sandstone Way route runs from the very top to very bottom of Northumberland. Starting in Berwick Upon Tweed and finishing in Hexham.


The Sandstone Way has been developed as a Mountain Bike trail that is designed to be ridden in three to four days or 2 days by the “fit and fast.” If ever there was a statement to get an ultra runner going then that is surely it. The Sandstone Way full course also provided 4 UTMB points.



This weekend didn’t exactly go to plan. After a long 10 hour drive from Bristol I arrived in the middle of nowhere. The postcode had taken me to a small hamlet no where near where i needed to be. After asking for directions from Friday night drunks and a call to the race organiser I arrived at almost midnight. Due to the length and linearity of the race there was a shuttle bus service to take all the runners from the finish to the start early on race day morning. This was so our cars and travel was all instantly available at the finish. Most races like this tend to offer the same. So a 4:30am alarm woke me up. I slept in the car the night before as i often do. The shuttle bus arrived and i spoke to the driver, he confirmed we would be leaving at 5. 15 minutes later at 4:45 after a visit to the car to get my last few bits and pieces including my 3 drop bags filled with food and supplies for the 30 hour race. I turned around and the coach was driving off. It left early, without me.

As you can imagine after a 10 hour drive and an early start it was rather frustrating. No answer from the race organiser left me stranded. Although i could drive to the start line 120 miles away and beat the coach there, my car would then be 120 miles from me when i crossed the line a day later with little or no energy. Just not possible. A grumpy few hours passed with me back in my sleeping bag. Just to remind you, this is Northumberland, in October. Cold and Wet.


After a few more hours of sleep i woke up with a fresh perspective, i have everything ready for a race, so let’s find a race. A 20 min google i found a race the next day, some 300 miles south. Only a 10 miler, but the entry was open and available on the day. The Draycote Lake 10 miler was to be my somewhat shorter substitute.


I did still have an entire day though and i was only a few miles away from some of the best hills and trails in the country. Quick look at a map and I was on my way to the Lake District.


What could have been a pretty diapponting weekend turned into 40 miles running around a reservoir, a short race on Sunday where i finished 7, beautiful views, another little medal and some great photos. A great wintery weekend and 700 miles driving. I was pretty tired but content i made the most of the situation. Here’s some pics.


Despite my tiredness, training continued. Just a week later I had the 3 race weekend in a row. The Original Mountain Marathon. The OMM. A 2 day test of endurance, teamwork and mountain skills, held in some of the most remote locations at a time of year when conditions can be extremely challenging. The OMM was hard, beyond hard. The race was supposed to be just 65k over the 2 days. It’s a pairs event so i teamed up with runner and friend Gary. He has also ran The Marathon des Sables so we thought we’d be alright. His map skills are better than mine also. Needless to say it wasn’t enough.


So another weekend and another drive up the country to Scotlands Glentrool on the west coast (not really coast, more like edge). We left Friday afternoon and it took us another 10 hours. We arrived around midnight, the designated car park was shut and we were ushered into a temporary spot. Pitched the tent in the rain and darkness, got a few hours kip, got our bags on, moved the car and began the hike to the start line. Yes the start line was 5km away. My bag was too heavy and it’s fair to say i was starting to think i had underestimated this race. We reached the start, were given our maps, way points, tracker and set off on day 1. This was a 27km course. 14 hours later, cold, tired and defeated we reached the finish of day 1. As you may notice 27km in 14 hours is pretty poor. Well the truth is, we didn’t cover the entire course, we got lost pretty early on and missed the last 3 check points. Not only did we miss these checkpoints, and were timed out, we managed to cover 60km. Over double the designed distance. To this day we still don’t know how we did that.


It must be said Gary was in a much better position than me. my bag was way too heavy and i had made some very rookie mistakes with food too. I was holding Gary up for about 80% of the route. We abandoned day 2 and drove home in the morning after a few pity sausage sandwiches provided by the organisers. Although it was a complete disaster and we were rubbish it was actually quite fun. The pain and disappointment has warn off and we are signing up again next year. This time we won’t be attempting the A class. We’ll stick to something more navigationally simple.

Thanks Gary for a great weekend. Next time will be different.


My trio of races of the first few weeks of October weren’t exactly as planned but non the less, some great weekends.

Here’s a few photos from some non running commitments throughout the last couple of months. My sponsor Pro Direct have been working with me for sometime, some great kit, events and photoshoots. Here’s what we did for one the many brands they offer through their online store. Falke.


A good day, and great to meet a few other members of the pro direct crew and fellow runner Laura. If anyone wants a great winter jacket for the new year. Falke offers this.

Besides from running this year i’ve been putting a lot of effort into organising the next couple of years of events. Next year as previously mentioned there is a lot on. But 2018 is even bigger and even better. Watch this space

Check out my 2018 webpage for info. As part of 2018 I needed a long term nutrition sponsor to provide me with electrolytes, energy drinks, and all the essentials from running multiple races. I am fortunate enough to have secured High5 as my sole nutrition for the year. Thanks High5. If anyone is interested in some great products, be it running or other sports, check them out.


My 24 hour treadmill challenge also took place recently. Mid November I thought it would be a good idea to stick myself in a hot gym, on one of the nicest days of the year, and run for 24 hours and see how far i could get. The main attraction for this was to test the non physical side of running, the mental toughness to continue when faced with boredom. I can confirm the boredom of running for 3 hours on a treadmill let along a whole day was going to be good practice for other mind challenging races. Needless to say it was boring.


My aim was to reach 120 miles, which i did, and with relative ease. I had fantastic support. Nuffield gym, who also sponsor me and give me access to train let me use their gym as home for a day. I was joined by gym friends throughout the 24 hours, to keep me company, provide me drinks, keep me sane, and confirm i was actually there and running. Special thanks to Dani who stayed with me all night, unbelievable. And also to those who did a few hours with me overnight, coming in at 3am on a Friday morning was a big ask. We raised about £400 for Cancer Research and i learnt that running on a treadmill with another to watch other than the BBC news channel on mute wasn’t the brightest idea.

Here’s a few photos from my long 24 hours.

Other than great races, photoshoots and sponsorships these last few months I have also had an interesting trip to Bangkok.

I signed up for the Bangkok marathon several months back and added it to the calendar as a last minute little extra treat to myself. I organised my friend Dani to come along with me, so we could make the most of a few days in Bangkok. Have a few days taking in the sights, take a few photos and run the race, and back home. We booked flights, sorted a hotel in the centre and we were set.


Sadly shortly before the race Thailands King Bhumibol Adulyadej died. Due to the countries mourning policy the following 30 days would change the day to day running of Bangkok. This meant, you guessed it. The marathon was cancelled shortly before we flew out. With a non refundable hotel and non transferable flights there was little we could do. We had 5 days in Bangkok with no race. To say i was grumpy and disappointed was an understatement but the trip then turned into a sight seeing mini break. The trainers were hung up for 5 days and we went out an made the most of a bad situation.


The first 3 days were fantastic… but in similar fashion to the last couple of months the trip didn’t go to plan. So at this point over the past 8 weeks, I had missed the start of a 200km race, i had got lost on the infamous OMM, and now just 2 days before flying home from Bangkok… I caught the Norovirus… I spent day 4 and 5 getting to know the hotel’s bathroom and toilet rather too intimately. I had 36 hours of vomiting and diarrhoea that left me feeling a skeleton of a man. Thanks once again to Dani for feeding me water, and pro biotic yogurts. Due to the fact that i was now very contagious, getting on a plane was out of the question. Not to mention the thought of spending a day on a plane feeling like i did. An additional 2 days in the hotel, i hardly left the confines of the cold bathroom tiles.


Eventually time to go home, which felt like weeks. I had started to feel like i could eat… i was wrong. My body still wasn’t having any of it. Skip forward several visits to the bathroom on the plane and we landed back at Heathrow one step closer to my own bed. Now at 23:30 in London we waited for our bags at the luggage belt, we waited some more, waited some more, the belt stopped. After a 20 minute queue to see the airport staff it was confirmed my bag was still in Bangkok. Of several hundred passengers on that flight, my bag was one of 5 that couldn’t quite make it. What a trip. Started as an exciting 5 day trip to run a hot humid marathon and finished with a cold, sick, bagless mess.

Regardless of all these issues throughout the trip we had a blast, for a while anyway. The photo opportunities were great. Here’s a few.

In summary October and November were great, highs and lows, but what a way to conclude the year. A huge thanks to all those that have supported me in any capacity. The donations, the hours or help with race prep, the sponsor deals… and the kind words of encouragement. Thank you.

December’s post will summarise in full.

Let’s have a quick look at next and what fun adventures are planned. Each year that passes i’ve managed to race more and more. Next year is no exception.

November started my 37 week programme to get me to the start line of my second world record attempt in Ireland. July next year will hopefully see me complete my challenge and finally hold the record.


So that’s the training plans for the next 6 months. This will include a 3 week cycle of 1) hard hills and endurance, 2) medium endurance, 3) recovery. Each week the miles increase by 5. My Recovery week starts on 50 miles and the hard hills and endurance starts on 100… By the time i get to July i will have run the distance over and over again. My stamina should be higher than ever and i’ll be running around 300 miles a week.

November started strong despite the sickness of Bangkok. Here’s week 2’s overview from Strava to demonstrate a general gentle week.


2017 events include Rome marathon, Lisbon marathon, Bournemouth Marathon, Paris Marathon, Paris Half Marathon, 8 smaller 10ks, and a selection of fun trail training events such as the CTS races in Britain. I’ll also be ticking off 3 of the Ultra Trail World Tour events including The great Australia 100 in the blue mountains, the epic and hilly Transgrancanaria, plus Italy’s Lavardo trail race. The calendar has 22 races so far… and the year hasn’t even started yet.


Between now and January I’ll be skiing, climbing and training in the beautiful Canadian Rockies to round off the year. My January will kick off with a gentle training run from London to Paris. Me and a few friends will trot the 300k route from central London to the Eiffel Tower in 3 days, camping along the way. It’s only a matter of weeks away. Keep following me on twitter and Instagram for more updates.

Oh and finally it’s worth mentioning i’ve discovered a great website called Blurb who make photo books and magazines. I’ve been making some to highlight my trips, a great alternative to the conventional photo album and they make a good present too. I’ve just published my Bangkok mag and this year’s hell race, Marathon des Sables. I’m really pleased with how they look.

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 13.42.04.png


Once again another post in a few weeks, probably while i’m in Canada exploring the sights.

Thanks for your support everyone… the next 2 years are going to be incredible.

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Dolomites Mountain Race, Berlin Marathon & a 382 Mile Month

In the month of September my aim was to run 500 miles; get back into full time training after Pneumonia and start to feel more like i’m exhausted from running rather than from just being exhausted from sitting around.

So I managed just 382 miles. My body wasn’t quite ready. But towards the end of the month, just a couple of weeks ago i’ve been feeling more like me for sure. Legs tired, loving the training miles. I did have a slight hamstring soreness; probably from over doing the hills a little.


Let’s recap the month of September, It’s been busy, in fact it’s almost a 5 week month. I had the Thames Path 100 booked for the second time in as many years… but i pulled out. It was tipping it down with rain, and my body just wasn’t up to 10 hours of rain and wind after being ill. So for the first time in a long time, potentially ever, i pulled out of a race due because i was being sensible. This, i immediately regretted once it was midday and the great north run was all over the TV. Still, this was probably for the best. So after week one i was at about 85 miles down. Not good enough really.

So after the depressing non race weekend i was then inundated with races. It’s rare i get a 5 week period where i have races every weekend. I loved it.

First race of the month was the Drei Zinnen Alpine Run. This was a 17km mountain race up the Austrian and Italian Boarder from a village called Sexten. It’s a ski resort really, and even in September the mountain peaks were covered in snow; so much so that the races distance was cut short by 2 miles because of the dangerous weather.




We said goodbye to our race pack, warm clothes and supplies at about 8 in the morning, these were then flown by helicopter to the summit. Although the race was only 17km the accent was 3000 meters. By the time we were close to the top the oxygen was thinner and i could feel my left lung, ‘The Pneumonia Lung’ was not happy; still i continued to climb and the views got better and better.


Thanks to MJ for driving from the airport. All round great weekend. I finished about 73rd and enjoyed the leisurely but slow, very slow stumble back down the 10 mile course. Made a few friends on the way and shared stories of crazy races. We flew back the next day after a typical Austrian style awards ceremony, including dumplings, pasta and a suitably crazy live accordion playing live band. A great weekend.




And now to Berlin. This was a race i’d been looking forward to for a while. Just a short weekend in Berlin but a famously flat course, good weather and a lovely hotel. Even managed to fit in the famous Fat Tyre Cycle Tour of the city on the Saturday before the race. I would seriously recommend this tour by the way. What a great informative way to see the city and learn at the same time. So after a lovely 13 miles on the bike, great tour guide, and blue skies, I hit the cocktails at the hotel. Mistake. These were great but somewhat not what you do before one of the most famously fast races in the world. I don’t usually drink much, and i’m very strict; i have 9 months a year of not drinking and only 3 months on. So when these 3 months roll around I tend to make the most, but if i’m honest even then i’m not a big drinker, not because i’m actively cutting down but just don’t ever ‘fancy’ a drink.


The morning of the race i went to meet sponsors Pro Direct Running and Adidas for a pre race snapchat story, interview and to pick up some kit for the race. I met with Dan from Pro Direct who’s a great guy and was only running his second marathon himself. I was a little hungover to say the least. We made our way to the start pens, took a few more pics, made the promo video for Pro Direct and Adidas and off we went. Blue skies still.


I finished the races in 03:04:00 exactly which considering i had very little sleep, sore legs from the 85 mile week before, a booze preparation night and was still sort of recovering from Pneumonia. A quick nap in the hotel, and then home for another week of training for another race. The Cardiff Half Marathon.


This year it was the second time i’d ran the Cardiff half, and by that i mean i also ran the race in March; Cardiff were playing host to the World Championships. This was a very different race in March. Cold, windy and really not very enjoyable. Enjoyable, but not exactly a sunny day. This weekend however was a great weekend, but also a little different.


Big Moose is a non profit organisation set up by a friend, Jeff. I met him in the Sahara Dessert running the Marathon des Sables in April this year. He lives in Cardiff and does a great deal to help the community as a whole. He had spent the past 6 months supporting, and indeed hosting a campaign called Run for Emily. Emily sadly died from cancer a year or so before; her mum and family wanted to raise awareness, and some funds for charity. Jeff and Big Moose arranged training days for about 100 people to train as a group and on race day ‘Run for Emily’ Everyone raised loads of money for the charity; i believe this was around £25,000. Good Job Jeff and Chloe. And Thanks Donna, great day. Everyone did Emily proud. Watch this space because there’s plenty more going on regarding the Run For Emily campaign.


IT felt like the race was over in minutes, and i suppose it was. I wasn’t planning to run very fast, and just wanted to enjoy it, because similar to Berlin I had a few drinks the night before, so one again not the best prep. Jeff was kind enough to put me up the night before, some of the Run For Emily gang were over too, and the wine was flowing. Thanks Tania for some lovely dinner too. So i crossed the line and to my surprise i wasn’t far off PB of 1:22. My time was 1:26. We all went for a quick drink and a natter, and headed home. Another great weekend of running and socialising.

The month was also successful on a few other fronts. I met with a friend from the gym, Rob. He’s an ex GB runner with a Marathon PB of 2:14, so i was really interested to hear any advice. Everyone is always learning. To my surprise Rob had copies of his training plans and milage from back in 1994 when he competed. Thanks so much Rob. Since meeting with Rob i have changed my training plans for October and for one month will give a new set up ago. Using Rob’s old training days for inspiration I have now built in three quality runs per day, 6 days a week. Although i was running basically 3 times a day before, i now had more quality in my plan.

Other than this great fortune, Pro Direct have been as great as ever and supplied me with a pair of Ultra Boost Adidas trainers. These are fantastic and my usual training shoe; they in fact already worn out, well nearly. Thanks Pro Direct, i look forward to working with you more in the future.


So what’s next for 2016. Like i say, October will be a chance to try a new training plan out first of all. I do however have a few exciting races continuing. First is the Paris 20km on 9th October, and then a few weeks later i have the Sandstone Way 120 mile ultra in Northumberland, and even better still at the end of the month i have The OMM. The original mountain marathon is a pairs event so i’ll be buddying up with my mate Gary. We often train together, although less lately; Gary if you’re reading this get your training shoes on and get out on the cold Tuesday mornings. So The OMM will be great, navigation and a two day event covering 40 miles across trail.


So that takes me to November, and November is a big important month for me. Not only do i stop drinking again (breaking for Christmas in Canada) but i start my World Record Training once again. From November 2016 to July 2017 i will be slowly using my milage to about 300 miles a week. The record next year is the same record i attempted this year when i got pneumonia; this is running the length of Ireland in 3 days. I will cover 350 miles in 3.5 days. This time i’m going to make sure my body is even more ready. I have built in 5 key training runs of long distance. Ranging from 150 miles in 30 hours to 300 miles in 3 days. These are spread over the course of the 35 weeks before the attempt and will be supported by the Ireland World Record team. Family and friends, thank you.

As i’ve mentioned 2017 will hopefully put some demons to rest and i’ll finally get my first world record, and perhaps the first of many. Along with the world record i’ll be ticking a few of the major races off my bucket list. I have a pretty lengthy doc that i call my goals list; this houses anything from the races i want to run to the bigger challenges such as rowing the Atlantic or climbing all 7 peaks. It will soon be published on my site. The races i’ll cover off in 2017 will start to make a dent in this list. The list and indeed the 2017 race calendar will include races such as the Australia 100, the famous UTMB, and the epic race across Grancanaria, aptly named TransGrancanaria. Plus plenty more ‘smaller’ marathons. I’ll also be planning the biggest adventure to date. This takes me on to 2018 and what i have in store.


Another item on the goals list is writing and publishing a photo book and a written dairy of my time running and travelling, I hope to raise a few quid for charity by telling the stories of my trips, adventures, successes and failures. This ties in nicely with another line in my life plan; in 2018 i want to travel to 30 countries in all 7 continents and run 70 marathons in 200 days. The reason, A, because it’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun and i’ll get to be apart of cultures and peoples lives that i would otherwise not get anywhere near, but more importantly i want to attempt to raise £200,000 for Prostate Cancer and create a running community that is world wide. The plan is to have 1 person in each country that has never run a marathon or ideally never run at all, and change their lives for the better. Provide kit, race entry, and a training plan to help them on their way. I plan to stay in their homes, understanding their lives and in the process take a load photos, raise a load of money for Prostate Cancer and ideally complete the 7 month trip having benefited many lives all over the world. So 2018 will simply be epic. I am in the process of finding a sponsor for the event and indeed a team to support, be it back home or ‘on the run’.

If you’d like to get involved please drop me an email at Anything you’d like discuss i’m ready to listen. This trip is one of inclusiveness and community is the main driver behind this. Getting people introduced to the power of running.

Please watch this space i have a new website launching very shortly. Get involved and help me get the world running.

The next 24 months will be a great time for me all being well.

Follow me on Twitter at @runatthefront, and Instagram at @manofsport



Hill Running in Croatia & My New 500 Mile Training Plan for September


After my trip to Ireland which left me rather poorly, I’ve since relaxed and enjoyed a well earned rest to recuperate throughout August. My lungs have recovered (almost), and I’ve had a fantastic time relaxing, sailing and of course hill training in Croatia… oh and swimming and kayaking too. oops. I can’t help myself.

As all runners, and indeed particpants of any sport, find from time to time, it is very frustrating being injured or sick. I don’t work well when I’m chained to the ground, but the past month has worked very well for me. I’ve reduced my miles down to about 200 miles in August and as a result recuperated and I’m now back in full time training.


The month ahead is full, full of training and of course races. The month of September see’s a new training plan of a 500 mile month with more rest days, more intense gym sessions and longer running days. I’ve also re introduced my morning swims and weekly Hot Yoga (Bikram) classes. The combination of taking on a training which provides more rest and tough running days, gives me rest when it’s needed but stretches my level of training while I’m in my trainers. And of course I’ll be having daily ice baths.

My inspiration for my new plan to kick start the last quarter of the year has come from many sources… but Mo Farah’s training regime will be included along the way.  I have built his fast yet heavy milage weeks into my plan to enhance my speed. Over the past 6 months I’ve focused strongly on distance, now it’s time to combine my efforts with distance, to speed.

This month I will record my diet, my gym time, my strength training sessions, and of course my running pace and milage. This will act as a baseline before I start a new 35 week programme in November ahead of next years world records attempt.

I have a number of races coming up this month as i mentioned…

Thames Path (London) 100K 10th September

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 18.45.39

Drei Zinnen Alpine Run (Sesto Dolomites) 17th September

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 18.42.37

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 18.42.59

Berlin Marathon (Berlin, Germany) 25th September

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 18.44.31Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 18.44.49

Cardiff Half Marathon (Cardiff, Wales) 2nd October

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 18.47.27

So my month ahead is full, but next year is even busier than ever. I WILL reach my goal of holding a world record, and my time is July next year. Besides from venturing back to Ireland in July, I have many other races, and challenges ahead. later this year I’m attempting a 24 hour treadmill challenge, The Original Mountain Marathon, The Bangkok Marathon and a couple of smaller races… oh and a fantastic trip to Banff in Canada of Christmas.

Watch this space. I’ll be posting my updates on my 500 mile month and all my learnings along the way. This will be a good month to understand and rebenchmark my fitness, running times and stamina.

Here’s a few photos from ‘my time off’ in Croatia (okay so my hill training was a little treat). A great trip, sailing, kayaking, eating, drinking, swimming and of course running.
Once again please remember to spread the word and donate to my charities. They need your help.



I’d also like to thank my sponsors with a special mention to Pro Direct Running and their great team who provide me with kit. I will be trailing the new Clifton 3 HokaOneOnes, throughout September so look out for reviews on this at the end of the month. Please also follow my twitter to see my progress.


On the topic of sponsors thanks to Pro Direct and Nike for a great training day recently to try out some great new Nike Products. Here’s a few pics.


Once again please remember to spread the word and donate to my charities. They need your help.


My World Record Attempt, Pneumonia, and Tears… a recipe for future success

The story of my first world record attempt…

So my first world record attempt didn’t exactly go to plan… but I will be back, and I WILL succeed. By this time next year I will have conquered the record and all the tears and disappointment of this year will make it all the more satisfying.

Here’s the story of how I took on Ireland’s endurance record, attempting to run from Malin Head, the most northerly point in Ireland to Mizen Head, the most southerly. 345 miles in 3.5 days.



The current record stands at 3 days and 15 hours and 36 minutes. I hoped to beat the record by 3 hours finishing in 3.5 days. It wasn’t to be but I’ve learnt lot and next year will be my time.


Before I go on I must thank all of the fantastic supporters on route, all of those who beeped their horn, and all those who acted as official witnesses so I could prove the record. The Irish hospitality was unbelievably friendly, and I can’t wait to go back. And then there’s the team who supported me; with nearly 400 years of ‘life’ experience between them they held approximately 0 years of experience supporting a world record attempt… but they were FANTASTIC. Be it Physio, Doctor, Runner, or Navigator everyone pulled off a great support system. We spoke for a long time around how we can improve for next time, but in short, there really isn’t much room to improve. My appreciation and thanks for your support can’t be put into words… ‘thank you’ isn’t enough.



On top of all the support, cheers, and good wishes, a number of you put your hand in your pocket and donated to the great causes we were raising for. The British Heart Foundation, Prostate Cancer and Cancer Research thank you. Your kind generosity will not be forgotten.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 13.49.04

Here’s the highs and the lows of the week in Ireland.

The Rain

When you organise an event you hope for good weather, but when you organise an event which means travelling the length of a country on foot, you REALLY hope it doesn’t rain. Needless to say. It did, a lot! … but then it stopped. The attempt started at 11:00 am and the few hours leading up to the attempt were grim, dull grey skies and rain like you’ve never seen. 10 minutes before I stepped out of the van to give this attempt my best, a rainbow appeared, the clouds parted and the rain stopped. I ran for hours in sunlight with amazing views. That was until it got dark when the heavens opened again; they stayed open in fact for many hours.

The reason I mention all this is because I had the preconception that running in the rain would something which I really didn’t want, it would be miserable and drab and negative. It was however the exact opposite. During the night around 60 miles in, I was smashing the hills, listening to my music and didn’t even notice the rain. It was only when the support crew came over the radio asking if i’d like another waterproof that i realised it was tipping it down. I may have just been entirely delirious of course. Anyway, i’ve certainly learnt that rain isn’t all the bad, I even said it was the most enjoyable part of the trip. (at 3 in the morning running up a steep hill, with rain pelting my face) This is something I’ll remember when running in the rain next.



The Support and My First Stop.

The on route support crew worked well, a car never more than 500 yards away with all the supplies of water, and all the food or energy suppliments I may ask for. My stops were planned for the entire route. I would stop every 12 miles for 30 mins, which meant an overall running pace of 10 min miles (or there abouts).


After the first 12 gentle miles from Malin Head I headed south along the coast initially and then inland directly south towards my destination. I kept a steady pace, which was quicker than the average 10 min miles which I needed. My idea from the beginning was if I felt like I could run quicker, then I would. Within reason. At the first stop the camper fan support, the support crew and the required witness were all there waiting. I jumped into the van, changed my top as planned, and tucked into some proper food. I had a small hot meal of poached chicken, potatoes and veg plus my usual carb drink. This was similar at every stop but with enough variety to not be bored, or sick.

The food was good, really good. Not changing that for next time. Thanks chefs. After 10 mins of food, I had 5 mins of physio and gentle leg massage then rest for 10 mins or so.. and then it was time to get out of the van and continue to the next stop 12 miles away. Once again the support car stayed close by and held a radio where I could ask for specific food or drink, despite their primary role to be my navigation.



The hills, and more hills, the Pace and the Sleep

So after some very hilly stretches I had my first 3 hours rest stop where I could sleep and rest. This was roughly every 48 miles. In hindsight i plan to stop less next time and just keep moving forward slowly. Either walking or a slow run. Having said that I still passed my first 100 miles well ahead of schedule. I’ll touch on this later.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 15.15.59Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 15.16.17Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 15.16.44Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 15.31.43Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 15.32.15

So as you can see the elevation varied for some considerable time, gentle but still some ups or downs. Thanks to many months of hill training I loved the hills, they broke up the distance nicely. As did the few new albums on my phone.

Good point to mention is how I carried my phone, anyone running long distances needs one of these. They are called ArchMax and they sell socks in the first instance but they also provide a great running belt which you 100% don’t feel is there. I never run without this. It’s great. No review needed.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 16.49.14

My Pace stayed on form and by about 75 miles I had built a 70 min buffer over the scheduled time, which meant I had the head space to slow down if I needed. Sadly I didn’t get to that point… which I’ll touch on in a mo.

My two 3 hour rest stops went to plan, change clothes, eat, physio, sleep, eat, physio, run. Running though Derry was great because I had ran this section before when we drove the route 2 months prior.


The Wheels Came Off

It was just over the 110 mile mark when the wheels came off. I started to feel chest pain, this was about 6 in the morning after the rain had cleared. The left side of my chest, (around my heart area) started to feel abnormally tight and I was beginning to be slightly short of breath. I carried on for a while but eventually called for the doctor to take a look. Doc was happy it was unlikely to be my heart with the details I gave.


I continued, but slowed and lost a little time. This was the start of me thinking something was wrong. I reached the second sleep stop of 3 hours, I rested and woke feeling strange but not that bad. I set off happily although tired. I was certainly more tired than I should have been. Having run multiple long races and indeed big training days and weeks with little sleep I wasn’t entirely on form. At mile 3 of the next 12 mile stage i called for the physio to stretch out my legs and generally have some time to catch up breath. It’s important to point out, over a long ultra race I am never short of breath, it’s just not how you run an endurance race. I continued but after a further 2 miles I called for the advice from the doctor again and the rest of the crew… my legs weren’t turning over as they should, I was abnormally tired and my chest was sore and tight. This was the point where I realised that something was wrong. Sure enough the docs thought it best if I stop. It was my decision, and I chose to listen. The time I had remaining coupled with my body’s ability to breath and push me forward wasn’t enough.

As you can imagine, after thousands of pounds spent on the trip, crazy amounts of organisation, kit and food, plus months of training and early mornings I was at the side of the road facing defeat in the face. I was confused, my body couldn’t take me over 120 miles. I would finish long endurance races and big training weeks, and be fine, more than fine… It was only a few days later that the view of Doctors was that i had in fact got Pneumonia and potentially the coxsackie virus. It was likely too that I had this before starting the attempt and the run had just tipped my body over the edge.

I was sitting on the side of the road crying, like a baby. For the first time in any event I had quit. Not just any event but my first ever world record attempt. An attempt that on paper I should be able to achieve, even if it was a world record. So I went through the motions of getting over the disappointment and realised i can learn from it and be back to fight another day. For the record, I, we, will be back next year. 18th July 2017 I WILL claim victory in Ireland.

The Tiredness Hit me

Only after stopping, and getting to a hotel to reflect on what had happened did I realise that I was REALLY tired. I couldn’t walk down the road without getting out of breath. This confirmed that my left lung wasn’t working how it should… and still days later I am incredibly tired and sore. Sore not on my legs but around the left side of my chest. A further X ray today and a blood test will show more no doubt.

After the Attempt

So my time in Ireland wasn’t over, I was still disappointed but we had to make the best of a bad situation. After all we weren’t due to travel home for another 3 days, so in the mist of extreme exhaustion and sleepiness the crew and I enjoyed Island as well as we could. I even tried my hand at fishing. Thanks guys. A few fish, some lovely meals later we gathered to talk tactics. How could we learn, and improve for the next time. We scheduled the date of the 18th July next year… we’ve increased the support team size to 12 from 7 and I’ve begun to draft out a new training plan. Even without Pneumonia the attempt is still hard, I just didn’t quite reach the hard bit. But next time I will reach the hard part and I want to be even more ready for it.

In 360 days time I take on the challenge again. If I’m honest I’m still not over the disappointment completely but I’m even more determined to get this record. Oh and I’m not starting the attempt if i’m even the slightest bit unwell.

Here’s a few pics from the few days in Ireland when I was mostly sleeping and feeling sorry for myself. That said I can still look back with mixed emotions, overall though, a trip never to be forgotten.


Once again a huge thanks to those who were involved in the attempt in any way, especially for all the kind people that came out at 3 in the morning to sign witness statements. And a huge thanks to all of you that donated. The British Heart foundation, Cancer Research and Prostate Cancer thank you also. We raised around £2000 in the first 24 hours of the attempt.

The future holds great things, obviously I’ll crack this one next year, but JOGLE is also around the corner plus numerous adventures around the world. I’m resting for a few weeks, but on 27th August I’ll be running the south coast. I’ve got to behave and rest for now though. I’ll be back to 500 mile training months in no time. Continue to follow my progress and adventures on this blog, twitter @runatthefront and instagram @manofsport






There is also some news regarding my motivational speaking work… watch this space. And for all those injured runners out there, I feel your pain. keep it up and you’ll be slipping those trainers on in no time.

Ireland Running World Record Attempt STARTS 28th July 11:00am

World Record Attempt in t – 4 days eekk

345 miles 3 days.

So here we go. All the training is as complete as it can be, and despite a bit of a cold I am more or less fit to give this the best go I can.
In 4 days time I start my Official World Record Attempt on 28th July in Malin Head Ireland, at 11:00am. If you’re around please come and support.


I’m running the length of Ireland in 3 days. This is 345 miles in around 84 hours. I am running for charity as always. The British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research, and Prostate Cancer are charities close to my heart. Please read this to find out more.


Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 19.49.23


Use this link to see where I am.

The website address is
This Link will be live from 10am on the morning of July 28th.

If you can afford to sponsor me please do. Everything is raised through Just Giving. Here is the link. So many people can benefit from your generosity.


Below is a map showing my planned journey. I have marked where I expect to be and by when. I will hopefully be tweeting using @runatthefront throughout the attempt. I may be a bit tired though.

Map for Ireland Website

I will also produce a highlights video post attempt.

Thank you everyone for supporting me, now lets see if I can do this. To send me messages of support please add comments to this post.

Thanks to all my sponsors who made this happen and all the support from family and friends.





June Report – 339 Miles Ran – World Record Attempt very soon…

So today marks just 20 days till I take on my first ever official Guinness World Record. As my previous posts have mentioned, I am attempting to run 345 miles in 84 hours, from the most northerly to the most southerly point in Ireland. Malin to Mizen. I am running for 3 special charities. British Heart Foundation because my family, (me included) all have heart problems to varying degrees. The second charity is for Cancer Research, this charity does great work, and we all know someone that has been affected by Cancer. Maybe a few extra pounds raised by me taking on this run could be the tipping point and put an end to cancer. My final charity, Prostate Cancer, is for a very special person I met in the dessert. Not often you start a sentence with that ey. I met Kevin running the Marathon des Sables in April of this year. He is a true inspiration and shows resilience and positivity like no other. He has terminal Prostate Cancer with only months to live, so this is for you Kev.


My June updates consists of a few bits and pieces, with the headline that my miles are still adding up this year. 339 for June keeps me on track for a good distance at half year, with the main aim to be strong and fit enough to take on the famous JOGLE world record in Aug of 2017.


This was 9th June…IMG_6827

Here’s a few details from June’s running calendar.

Stockholm Marathon

The weekend of the 4th June saw me compete in a great Marathon. Not a particularly quick time, but I went into this race just wanting to enjoy the atmosphere and knock up a few more miles ahead of this years record attempt. To my surprise I finished in a little over 3 hours… and I had a 3 hour sun tan to show for it. Thanks again to my fan club that tend to follow me all over the world.




So Endure 24, for those of you that don’t know, this is a 24 hours race near Reading. It consists of 5 mile loops… you can run as little or as much as you want. The course takes you through technical trail through trees, 3 hills, including tarmac roads and gravy paths. The plan was to use this race as a test for the Ireland attempt. When I take on Ireland, I have carefully planned stops, to allow me to rest, refuel and sleep. I ran Endure exactly as I intend to in Ireland. The only difference was the speed. I ran at about 1 min per mile quicker in Endure to be sure I would hit the 100 mile mark. About 2000 people entered this year, I finished my 20th lap after about 21 hours. I reached 100 miles and decided to call it a day. Not because I was injured or tired, but because I completed the plan, I had achieved what I set out to do, plus I wasn’t going to catch the leader who was 3 laps ahead of me. This was a big boost of confidence, simply sticking to the plan was a big plus. I finished 5th overall with the winner going on to compete 27 laps. This was a new course record. I’ll be sure to be back next year and smash it. For anyone that hasn’t run this race, you must. A great atmosphere, great value and the people are just so up for a good time. It’s great for your family and friends to support, lots of camp fires and BBQs while all the nutty runners run around in circles. Good to see you Ian and Caz.



Ireland Planning Continues

The Weekend of 25th June, me and my support crew got together for a 2 day final planning day. Thanks everyone. Very grateful. Together with the drivers, nutritionist, and physiotherapist etc etc we put the finish touches to an 84 hour plan. This includes when we are all making the journey to Ireland, plus all the little bits like which energy drinks I think I’ll need and when. The biggest complication is ensuring we have enough footage, enough witnesses and all the relevant details that Guinness require for formal approval. 20 days to go… eek. exciting if a little scary.

Also I must mention a huge thanks to Rory, Jeff, Kev and Jen. Jen thanks for your advise for taking on Ireland. Here we are around the planning table


Hoody Design

As part of the planning weekend my action was to sort out the final kit clothing for me and the team. With thanks to friends of friends I have been able to get a good deal on some sports clothing. (link to be available soon). Thanks Si. These hoodies and t shirts will be covered in the charities and sponsors that have helped to support. Thanks everyone


Big Moose Run for Emily

Early in the month, I was invited to support in the #runforemily campaign. This takes about 100 runners, beginners or otherwise to take part in the Cardiff Half Marathon in October this year. Big Moose is the face behind this. Google it. The great non profit organisation is helping not just this but all sorts of events around the country. Once a month We train together, raise a loads of money for charity, and ideally improve our fitness in the process. It’s my job to help advise these runners, and basically have a load of fun running around Cardiff with some lovely people. It’s a great laugh. If you want to get involved please take a look at the Big Moose Site…

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 17.23.13

Nike Zoom Pegasus 33

Simply THANK YOU… one of my sponsors pro direct have been great in helping supply trainers and gear… as you can imagine I get through a few pairs of trainers every other month so Pro Direct have come to the rescue. Full review coming soon. Here they are. I’ve ran about 300 miles in these so far and i can say they are one of the better trainers I’ve tried. Not as stable as some but incredible flexible and good for fast training sessions on road. Give them a go.



Oh and I had to treat myself to even more trainers… my 7th pair of Adidas Ultra Boost… nothing much to say other than… JUST BUY THESE… truly great trainers. Slippers really.

Business Cards

I’ve also been able to sort some business cards out recently to promote my services. If anyone wants help with training plans, some advice or to go for a run, drop me a mail. I intend to increase my speaking appearances this year and next, so if anyone would like a speaker at schools or corporate events please do contact me. I have some decent content… not many people have ran on a broken ankle for 40 miles through the dessert… drop me a mail


Here’s my latest few pics from my training runs… oh and I found this great training log book from Nathan. Take a look… it’s a great way to record your miles, understand your pace and heart rate too.

Finally a big thank you to everyone that has supported me so far. In a couple of weeks time I may or may not have a world record. Fingers Crossed. Please get involved.

If you have any spare cash please visit my just giving page and donate as little or as much as you can afford. Me and the charities thank you.

Running 441 miles in May – The Milage, The Road Trips, and Adventures

This month I’ve ran a total of 441 miles through training and a few events. If you’ve been reading my blog you’ll know this is all aiming towards a world record attempt in July this year; taking on running the length of Ireland, Malin Head in the north to Mizen head in the south. This is 345 miles in 84 hours. The current record stands at 87 hours. Read on to find more about the planning. Now being June, the attempt is now only 56 days away. Far to close for my liking.


So let’s recap the training over the last few weeks, while also fitting in the real world of work and life.
Week 19, Week 3 of May

So now after being back from MDS and back into training, the month of may was all about getting back up to distance and indeed speed.

Here’s a few highlights of May

My old Garmin watch has been a permanent fixture to my wrist for about 2 years. The Garmin 610, has served me well but it’s time to put it to rest and treat myself to a new one.


How great is the Garmin Fenix 3 HR Sapphire?

I’ve had my Garmin for a few weeks now and I love it. The Garmin Fenix 3 HR Sapphire is an amazing piece of kit, would recommend it to anyone. The ‘Tracbac’ function, is simple and incredible easy to use. I generally run all over the place, be it in Bristol or if i’m visiting a city i’ve never been to anywhere in the world. So being able to run without the fear of getting lost is great. When i’m ready to turn around and run home, i switch to ‘Tracbac’ and it shows me the virtual breadcrumb trail i’ve left behind me. AMAZING. I’ll write a full review as i get to know all it’s functions.

Injury from Injury

So after about a month of returning from MDS, with a broken ankle (heel to be precise) I may add. I gave up with the silly boot, and got back to training. I believe i naturally heal quite quickly but i’m genuinely amazed i was up on my feet after 4 nearly 5 weeks of hobbling through the Sahara Desert (MDS)with a broken foot. Either way after a week or so, my right ankle (the one that was broken) was fine, but my left foot was really sore. After about 80 miles of struggling through it looked like tendonitis. With a world record looming this was a little worrying but now a few weeks later I’m much better, still sore but not to the point that i have to stop running. Wahoo


Running in my jeans in London

This is a little embarrassing to say the least but hey, why not share. The story goes like this; I was working in London for a few days and as you may have noticed i like to keep up with my miles no matter where i am in the world. London being London, it’s a great place to run, ok so no fields but some nice parks, and a pretty monumental river. I found the changing rooms in work, changed, partly… i had forgotten my shorts.


By this time, i had asked the security and resection to show me the way to shower room, it was in the basement, somewhere i just couldn’t find, i’d made sure i had enough time to run, and i was up for it. A nice midday 10 miles to keep the miles up that day. So me being me thought, why not, i have my jeans with me so i’ll run in them instead. Needless to say, 10 miles in Jeans was a little uncomfy, I’d chose the word Chaffey. It didn’t help that after about 4 miles the rain came, so yeah a dumb run, but I win cos i finished the day with 20 miles. Even if i didn’t enjoy those few miles. The looks i got were worth it.


Battenberg stone

I can’t not include this in my post. On a run in Bristol, along the towpath (for those Bristolians amongst you will know where i mean) I came across this stone (pictured below) All runners love cake… so here’s me sharing a great mid run pic.

Bristol 10K and the food festival

So this year the Bristol 10K was enjoyable. I was pacing, rather than going for it, for a change i could take in the view and enjoy the cheers as I ran past. I also met Alex from one of my sponsors; Pro Direct Running. We now have future meetings organised, for photo shoots and running day. Very much looking forward to it.


Week 20, Week 4 of May

Towards the end of May I managed to keep my miles up covering 137 miles training, including some good hill runs with, Andy, Gary, another Andy and Rob.


Andy is a great bloke and runner, having already completed JOGLE in 17 days this year. He also owns Beyond the Wall a great running cafe in Bristol, take a visit. pic below


I have also been training in my new Hoka One One trainers provided by sponsor Pro Direct. A full review will be ready soon, I am still bedding them in. They haven’t been run out yet, so i’m interested to know how long they last. I will say however that my tendonitis started when i first used these trainers. So i’m hoping that this is just coincidence. Time will tell.


Planning for a World Record Attempt

The most useful part of week 20 of 2016 for me was the trip to Ireland. This was a trip driving each of the 345 miles i will be running in just 57 days time during my world record attempt to run from Malin Head to Mizen Head. I plan to run the distance in just 3 days, a total of 84 hours, beating the current record by 3 hours. So this trip was to understand the route, know what the terrain was like, organise where the rest stops will be, and if there is anything else i hadn’t thought of.

IMG_6058IMG_6062IMG_6176IMG_6199IMG_6157IMG_5992Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 20.44.17

The results of the trip were as follows: HILLY HILLY HILLY. The route was actually a total of 342.5 miles taking the most direct route. It is also a very beautiful route through rural Ireland, this however is where the good news stops. The roads were long, straight and hilly. The overall accent will naturally be similar to the decent, as there are no huge mountain ranges, but it has shown i need to start training harder on the hills.

Overall i will stop 27 time, 6 long stops of 3 hours each, and the remainder will consist of 30 min stops. Every 2 hours i will stop for 30 mins. In these 2 hours i will run just 12 miles. So the overall speed will be around 6 miles per hour. Not fast. However i have never run 342 miles and not got slower towards the end. My stops will need to be slick. Drain my legs, drink, eat and rest. We will see how it goes. Ahhhh.

Read more about the attempt by clicking the below

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 17.15.23
May Bank Holiday

Finally the last week of May has been great. The May bank holiday and a further few days was spent running in sunny cornwall with friends. A total for May of 441 miles. So pleased I’ve been able to get my milage back up after injury and indeed during injury. Here’s a few pics of the sunny, enjoyable bank hols with friends.


Huge thanks to all the running folk I’ve been training with in person and the kind comments on social media. Please keep up the support.

The next few weeks are going to be great as always. In a couple of days time i’m off to Stockholm for the Marathon. Another medal to add to the ever growing cabinet. I am such a medal hunter. After this I will be spending my time increasing the miles before tampering for July 28th, the Ireland Attempt.



On 6th June I have my first training group to support, train and run with. The # run for emily campaign is a great initiative and you could be the next to get involved. This is a half marathon in October, organised by Big Moose. Big Moose are putting on a great support framework for people of all abilities to better their current running achievements, big or small. My part is to train and lead about 100 runners in Cardiff every month between now and October. I can’t wait for the enthusiasm to rub off on me and vice versa. We run in October, so if anyone wants to get involved please have a look at the NON PROFIT Organisation, Big Moose. They do great things, for free, everywhere. If you want to know more about what the Run for Emily Campaign is all about please visit the Big Moose site.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 17.23.13



Thanks once again to my sponsors, friends, running gang, and all those kind words of support as i head towards the World Record Attempt.

Please continue to get stuck in, support and donate to the charities. This after all is why i love running so much. Charities can benefit while a whole load of people have fun too. We have lots of fun stuff coming up so if you want support in a more personal way by helping with the attempt or training plans or simply going for a run every now and then please contact me.

Happy running people.

M2M World Record Planning

M2M World Record Attempt and what it’s all about

Some of you may know I’m taking on my first endurance world record attempt in July of this year. Exciting times right. Here’s a bit about it.

M2M stands for Malin Head to Mizen Head. Malin is the most northerly point of Ireland and Mizen is the most southerly. The 345 mile running attempt will take me the entire length of Ireland in 3 days.

Soon I hope to have this logo on my certificate 🙂


The current record stands at 3 days 15 hours and 26 minutes. Roughly 87 hours. I am to run and beat the world record by just 3 hours in a total time of 84 hours.

The event is now well planned and training has been underway for many months, this includes the numerous races around the world this year and previous.

On July 28th 2016 I will set off from Malin Head at 11am to start the 345 mile journey. Having now driven the exact route I will be taking, I now know this route is very hilly.

I have a team of 2 camper vans, and 2 cars to support with hydration and nutrition throughout the attempt. I plan to stop frequently but for very short periods of time. The team consists of just 7 people.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 20.44.17

I will endeavour to tweet short video clips as I make my way south through Ireland.

This world record attempt is part of a bigger plan on two fronts. Firstly I hope to raise £150,000 for a number of specific charities between now and the end of 2017. This includes my second point… In late August of 2017 I hope to break the world record for the quickest run down the length of the U.K. Some of you will know this as JOGLE. John O’groats to Lands end.

This years 345 mile Ireland attempt combined with 2017’s 860 mile attempt should see me break two world records and raise over £150,000 for charity.

Which charities… To sum things up I have always raised money for charity be it running or otherwise, however of late over the last few years I’ve been running for the British Heart Foundation, VICTA and Cancer Research. This will continue throughout this year and next (2016 and 2017) with one significant addition…

During the Marathon des Sables, 260km multi day ultra event in the Sahara Desert I met many great people, one of which was Kevin. Kevin has terminal prostate cancer and subsequently not long to live. His attitude, sense of humour, positivity and general kindness inspired me to amend my charity causes and support the charity ‘Prostate Cancer’. Not only do I hope to raise shed loads of money for these charities but also help to raise awareness and help to reduce potential cases like Kevin’s.


Here’s me at the finish line, on our planning drive just 65 days before the attempt.


This years Ireland attempt will include a small team, and is not very well publicised… however the 2017 JOGLE will be a big deal. With the Prostate Cancer supporting and various media and sponsors involved I hope to run each mile of 2017 with someone. This will include a baton of some sort to pass to the next supporter. Kevin will even be running a marathon a day with me throughout the challenge.

I’ll write about the other great people on MDS at another point, but I should mention one key player in all of this is Jeff. Founder of the great non profit organisation Big Moose. Like I said , more details to come, watch this space.

If you’d like to get involved with planning, want to join me running for a mile or 2 or would simply like to donate please contact me or drop me a note through Twitter. My just giving page link is readily available.


Week 18 90 Miles Post Injury Recap

Week 18 2016 Review 90 Miles and Ireland World Record T-70 Days

So this week, I’ve met David Coulthard, pro direct have sent me a new pair of Hoka trainers, I got really sun burnt running a race in Cambridge and more importantly I’m back on my feet after injury.



Having resting for a substantial amount of time (half the recommended time) my broken ankle feels almost as good as new. To recap my heel bone didn’t like me pounding the desert for 100 miles, so it gave up. After some great help from doctors, friends and family, I am on my feet, and managed to attempt to get back into routine. This week, week 18 of the year I ran 90 miles. I’ll spend the next few weeks getting back to up 50 or 60 miles a day. This is of course in preparation for the Ireland world record in July, and the JOGLE attempt in 2017.


The Month of May Challenge

So this last week was the start of a little experiment I’m putting myself through this month. For the month of May I will be eating no Chocolate, recording my weight, and capturing everything I eat and drink. Obviously I’ll be keeping an eye on my running distance too. Every year I give myself a month off chocolate and a month off alcohol. Primarily It’s a good test of discipline but also it’s nice to reduce the booze and chocky too. I’ll be stopping all Alcohol in June ahead of my July record attempt. Should give me a little advantage.


Redbull’s Wings for Life World Run

This Sunday I ran in the UK Cambridge wings for life run hosted by Redbull. This race is so unique in that 35 countries take part all over the world, all start at the same time, day or night, and the winner is the person that can run the furthest. A catcher car starts 30 mins after the 100,000 world wide participants, the car then speeds up every hour and eventually catches everybody. This year the winner topped out at over 80km. I managed only 26km. First race after MDS, and the ankle injury so I was conscious to take it steady, even still I noticed I am not as fit as I was 8 weeks ago. Too much resting perhaps, although I needed it. So the next few weeks are going to be a hard slog to get back into the swing of things. Ireland attempt is only 70 days away. So it was here I met the driver of the UK catcher car… yes, David Coulthard. As a formula one fan it was great to meet him, and he was as expected, a lovely chap. I should add, I came back from the desert last month ruined from the Marathon des Sables, I didn’t however get sun burnt. It was in sunny Cambridge, England where the 26 degrees caught me by surprise, and indeed sunlotionless. 3 hours in a vest, boom burnt to a crisp. Lesson learnt… probably.


Pro Direct The Hoka One One Trainer

Once again thanks to the pro direct team for providing me with another great pair of trainers. I’ve never ran in the Hoka brand, but have always wanted to. Let’s see how they fair against my favourite trainer, the Adidas Ultra Boost. A full review will be posted in a months time. Watch this space.


Time to Relax

Although I’ve been out of action after MDS, it’s nice to have some time to kick back and relax, even in the sun. Newquay, Cornwall didn’t disappoint for a few days over the bank holiday. Here’s some pics.


My Charities

So as you know I run for charity every year, this year I’ve added a few charities, specifically road peace and Prostate Cancer. Having met Kevin in the desert, I am now planning to run my world record attempt next year on behalf of Prostate Cancer. I hope to raise £50,000. Please take a look at the facebook page here. You can also follow my progress, training and adventures on my twitter.


The Record Attempt

If you want to get involved in my Guinness World Record attempt in September 2017 to run the length of the country please let me know. More people that get involved the more fun it will be. And let’s get raising some money for Prostate Cancer. Cheers guys, drop me a tweet or a message or just call me to get involved.


Please take time to learn about prostate cancer and donate here. You can also donate to my other charities by clicking the images below.




Nick’s 2016 Races

What am I up to this year?  well here you go. Have a little look and get involved. More details coming soon but here’s a poster of my upcoming races and my plans for 2016.

If you’re interested in supporting please get in touch.

My World Record attempt this July is underway. #900in9 More details coming soon.

Nick's Running 2016 & 2017

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Remember I’m raising money for Prostate Cancer via my justgiving page here